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#BLF26 Political Education Prison Curriculum: 20 July 2016, Pretoria Central Maximum Security Prison

By BO Staff Writer

From reports of #BLF26 comrades during the prison visit on 20 July 2016#

Theme 2: Frantz Fanon


The focus in this aspect of the curriculum is on the limitations of nationalism.

The main limitation of nationalism is its failure to achieve liberation because its aspirations are restricted to that of the colonized bourgeoisie. In this context the dangers of the black colonialists – those who take power in Africa after independence and in the South African case, after apartheid formally ended – is worthy of thorough interrogation. Fanon warned that the leaders of liberation struggles only assume power with the intention of occupying the position of the white oppressor and in this regard are a danger to the masses. They deny the people’s desire for freedom. Black colonial rule promotes constitutionalism while serving the interests of white supremacy. Fanon’s counsel on why black colonialist leaders should be opposed is most significant. This is what he said in this regard:

“The national bourgeoisie of under-developed countries must not be opposed because it threatens to slow down the total, harmonious development of the nation. It must simply be stoutly opposed because, literally, it is good for nothing.”

22 years of ANC rule has provided enough evidence to prove what Fanon has described above. The legacy they have built as front office managers of white supremacy, is one of continued hunger, poverty, landlessness etc. We see how the past has simply flowed into the future and to this end one can hardly speak of a pre and post apartheid separate eras.

On the question of what must be done to the black colonialists leaders Fanon is clear:

“…the combined effort of the masses led by a party and of intellectuals who are highly conscious and armed with revolutionary principles ought to bar the way to this useless and harmful middle class.”

The question is how do we disrupt and break the ANC black colonialist rule so as to work on a different path. The opposition parties currently in and out of parliament generally share the same ANC political and ideological orientation. They oppose the ruling party only if it goes against white capital or it deviates from the plan of developing a black bourgeoisie. We need to conceptualize a reality outside the political framework of the ANC – “(w)e need to ask why are black people so poor when our country is so rich. Until we accept the role of being our own rulers simple things like getting houses, clean water, good health care and schools, will continue to be elusive.”

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2. “The People vs. Phillip: How the ANC Sold us for a Cup” in New Frank Talk 6, critical essays on the Black Condition, by Andile Mngxitama.

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