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Agenda and lies of the Public Protector exposed!

By BO Staff Writer

The trumped-up criminal charges against the #BLF26 by the Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela – being kidnapping, intimidation, public violence and trespassing – which is evidently linked to the agenda of the regime change plotters (which was hatched in London by the likes of Lord Robin Renwick and led in SA by Johann Rupert) to remove President Zuma who is pushing the anti-imperialist pro-BRICS agenda and replace him with a puppet of their choice being Cyril Ramaphosa who is linked to the pro-London agenda – is now intensifying to a vicious level of desperation. When in April 2016, BLF exposed the regime change agenda as aforesaid which involves the support of pro-London compradoreal elements leading South African opposition parties and a pro-London faction within the ANC, and when in September 2015 BLF exposed those white capitalists benefiting from apartheid era corruption and other crimes it, in the same breath, called on the Public Protector to do the following:

1. investigate and report on the claim of R26billion stolen by white capitalists which has been on her desk for the past five years. It was pointed out to her that the amount of R26billion is recoverable immediately and constitutes a small portion of the stolen R563billion as indicated in the CIEX report.

2. investigate and report on the capture of the South African State by white capital.

Since the arrest of the #BLF26 and their detention in the Pretoria Central Maximum Security Prison the public protector is now claiming that she can’t investigate any apartheid era or any other pre-1994 crime as that is beyond her official jurisdiction. The Public Protector is obviously lying and to this end is fabricating evidence to protect white interests. She is already on record for providing updates of the said investigation to Adv Hoffman. She has also committed herself in October 2016 to finalize her report by the end of 2016. The claim of the stolen R26 billion arises from an investigation that the SA government commissioned in 1997. Furthermore in August 2011 the PP indicated that she would conduct investigations into some of CIEX’s claims including the R26 billion stolen by white capital.

The reasons given previously by the public protector for not proceeding with the investigations were successfully rebutted by BLF as follows:

1. The PP announced on twitter that her investigation was “derailed” yet she had not mentioned who exactly had “derailed” the investigation and in this regard what consequences did those committing the crime of derailment face.

2. The PP indicated that her office was experiencing resource constraints that prevented her from finalizing her investigation. The PP is reminded that when the complaint first came to her office she had indicated her decision not to take on the matter due to resource requirements she thought may be of necessity. However she subsequently decided that the issue of financial constraints would not be an hindrance to her conducting her investigations and finalizing her report. She arrived at this decision after considering the available evidence and the necessity of the investigation.

3. The PP cited challenges her office has experienced but in this regard she has not since first getting the matter, 5 years ago, indicated what these challenges are. Moreover the PP has arrogantly insisted that the complainant is Advocate Hoffman who she has been informing of developments. BLF has a clear and direct interest in the return of the stolen R26billion as it acts in the interests of the unemployed and poor black youth. This is evidently not Hoffman’s interest

4. The PP has furthermore indicated that the investigation is complicated. This claim does not hold as two state commissioned credible investigations (Heath and CIEX) which has already done the work for her, have preceded the claim landing on her desk. Most of the perpetrators of white apartheid era corruption and other crimes in this respect are still alive and can still be brought to book for their wrongdoings.

The lies aggressively sold by the public protector are exposed! She must stop with her lies and unprofessional conduct against BLF! She must simply do her work and serve the interests of the PUBLIC and not that of white capitalists.

The trumped-up charges should not be accorded any weight by the courts and to this end should be dropped. Furthermore there is no reason why the BLF26 should be held in detention on blatantly fabricated evidence – they must be released immediately and unconditionally!

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