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“We are not guilty” – #BLF26

By BO Staff Writer

A press statement by BLF on the arrest of the #BLF26, now out on bail.

We note the arrest of the 26 Black First Land First (BLF) militants, who were carrying out the revolutionary mandate to recover the R26 billion stolen by whites, and we further note their appearance before the Pretoria Maximum Security (Kgosi Mampuru) Prison Court 62 on the 26 of July (which is also the day signifying the beginning of the Cuban revolution) on the triumphed up charges of public violence, trespassing, kidnapping and intimidation. We are not superstitious but intrigued with the rest of society as such coincidence of numbers. Of course, BLF is not a numberist movement. We seek to end white supremacy so that blacks may be able to breathe again. Our immediate task is to expose the hypocrisy of the SA political settlement, to show up the lie that there is equality between black and white as proclaimed in the Constitution.

We know the 26 members of our revolutionary movement are not guilty. We don’t trust the South African justice system as it is based on laws which are essentially anti-black. But we know that even in their own anti black courts, the lies that they try to smear on our members shall not stick. The charges against the #BLF26 are a fabrication from beginning to end so as to hide white crimes against the people. The charges are a desperate attempt by the office of the Public Protector to divert attention away from the simple fact that her office has failed for five years to undertake a simple investigation on what happened to the report of R26 Billion which was given to President Thabo Mbeki in 1997.

Thuli Madonsela and the white press flourish on the back of amnesia by society which is incidentally endued by the same white owned and controlled press. The falsification project of the white press is on full steam in trying to project BLF as the villain – not the conscience of society that has literally revived the investigation buried under the rubble of paper on the desk of Thuli Madonsela as she chased one petty claim of corruption after the other so long as the complainant was white and the accused was black.

For four years the CIEX report was forgotten and Paul Hoffman, the so-called complainant, was absolutely happy with no progress until BLF shook all and pointed to the file pushed to the bottom as the media screamed Nkandla! BLF asked if its ok to chase R8million enjoyed by Zuma why can’t the same energy not be exhausted chasing the R26 Billion stolen by Johann Rupert and Co? The response has been vilification and insults. But we are determined to keep the matter on the top by any means necessary! BLF wades off amnesia like the morning cobwebs of sleep. We ask you to stay awake, we live in dangerous times.

We are not shocked that Advocate Madonsela has resorted to outright lies and insults to the reasonable inquiries about the R26 Billion stolen by white capital. In fact we expect it. The Public Protector has already succeeded in flying colors to reduce her office into a political weapon of the opposition parties who have one after the other become defenders of white capital. That office has become not the public protector, but the protector of white capital. She has called BLF names, from “youngstars”, “unruly protestors” to “ a bunch of rascals”. We shall not trade insults with Advocate Madonsela. We only want her to do her job without bias. R26 billion is a lot of money!

BLF can’t wait to have its day in court to refute one lie after the other told by the esteemed office of the Public Protector against us. We already pity those poor employees who have been told to submit cooked affidavids against us. If they are those who were in the same room with us, they know the truth and surely they equally know that lies have short legs. We have nothing against them, we are black in a racist society where at times eating means having to eat your own. BLF shall be vindicated in court. But we don’t think that the State and our accusers have the gumption to stay the course. The matter shall not go to the whole legal hog, it can’t since the allegations against the BLF26 are obviously fabricated – what a pity!

Let’s assure all, whatever happens first – either withdrawal or acquittal – shall trigger civil action against the office of Public Protector and personally against Advocate Thuli Madonsela. No one must be allowed to abuse their authority not matter what the circumstances and guises. The name of our movement can’t be besmirched by reactionary agents of white power. Our final vindication will come on the day after the obliteration of white power. But we relish the spectra of lies laying exposed, raptured. We stand with the Black Truth!

Rehashing the lies told by Advocate Thuli Madonsela’s Office.

BLF’s experience with the office of the Public Protector (PP) is signified by its constancy in telling lies consistently to hide the truth of white crimes. We have come to expect it. We hope she will, before she leaves office, surprise us with one act of the truth. This hope is born from our belief that all can repent and serve good. Here are the lies told and it’s not the full story:

1. Advocate Madonsela promised us that the report of the R26 billion stolen by whites shall be completed by the end of 2015. It is now almost a year later and there’s been no further word from her!

2. The Deputy Public Protector told the SABC program “Question Time” that the office of the PP shall respond to BLF’s inquiries within a day. This never happened.

3. When BLF first protested at the office of the PP in 2015, her office lied and said she was not there when she was in the building.

4. This time around (on 18 July 2016) they just lied in our presence – when they called the police they said that there was an armed business robbery going on in the building. Needless to say, this endangered the lives not only of BLF members but the employees of the PP too. The police came in guns blazing with an helicopter buzzing in the sky. At another time we shall tell the story of the drama of that day.

5. Advocate Madonsela is lying when she says that there were members of her staff who were kidnapped by the #BLF26. We are impatient to expose this lie in its entire ugliness in court. Already video material is available showing this to be a lie. We understand that some don’t understand. If BLF was to kidnap anyone, you can be rest assured that it shall not be a black person. We are “Black First”! In essence this means that the wellbeing of blacks is a sacred principle and of paramount importance .

6. When all is said and done, BLF shall get an apology for the lies told that our members were carrying containers full of petrol and that carpets were soaked in petrol. We note that this has been trumpeted in the media but not elevated into a charge. Running a trial by the media is much more easier than backing up claims under oath.

7. Advocate Madosela keeps ducking and diving on why five years later the big matter of the R26 billion has not been resolved. She keeps saying, BLF and the public have no interest in the matter and only her white friend Paul Hoffman has an interest in it. Hoffman has proven to not care at all about the matter and has let is slide for the past five years. Advocate Madosela needs to be reminded that she is not the protector of Paul Hoffman but the PUBLIC protector. Even the highest court in SA allows those who didn’t initiate matters to join proceedings all the time. Why should the PP be any different? The arrogance of a politician permeates the decorum of judicial officer with the demeanor of piousness.

There is something sad about how Advocate Mandonsela has handled this whole saga. She could have saved us all the headache and jail cells if only she had chosen to extend to a bunch of black people the same courtesy she reserves for white people by responding to BLF’s emails, inviting us around the table and giving us updates on the matters we have raised with her. No, not the favorite daughter of white capital armed with the full cover of the white press – she will not give us that courtesy. She point blank refuses to shake our hands. We understand, there are house negroes and field negroes and the twin shall never meet. No, we don’t ask for tea and biscuits, that she can have with her preferred friends. We want only to be served as citizens. On this humble treatment, we insist on! After-all, we swear by the name of Thomas Sankara!

How the Public Protector ignores our other complaint

BLF is not only pursuing the matter of the R26 billion, we have also formally laid a complaint with the office of the PP about capture of the State by white capital. Incidentally, some of the same characters that are implicated in the theft of the R26 billion are also implicated in the State capture saga. We all know that since December 2015 there has been a narrative of State capture manufactured in London so as to push its regime change agenda as it has done in Brazil. But this narrative is a ruse to hide a big crime of white capital being its capture of the state since 1652. They have invented this lie to consolidate their hold on the state. Unlike many others we have managed to keep our eyes on the ball. We saw right through the accusation of State capture by the Guptas – the accusation that they had been engaged in the hiring of Ministers. We regard it as a sinful white capitalist sponsored lie! But white capital was determined and didn’t fail. They demanded that the ostensible Gupta candidate vacate the seat at the pain of economic collapse in the middle of a currency hemorrhage.

Our complaint is simple and straight forward. We told the PP in writing to investigate State capture by white capital. We told her that white capital had literally hired Pravin Gordhan after firing Des van Rooyen as Minister of Finance. BLF has also opened a criminal case regarding this matter. Our contention is simple, if it’s wrong for the Guptas, it’s surely equally wrong for Johann Rupert and Maria Ramose and company to do it.

Predictably, Advocate Madonsela had promised BLF a further update by 16 April 2016. This was in writing and it was the first and the last time that we had heard on the matter from the PP. That was immediately after we had laid these charges against white capital at the end of March 2016. She has since focused all her energies in pursuing the complaint by the Democratic Alliance (DA) against the Guptas. To this end, she has even managed to secure R1.5 million from Treasury, which is incidental run by the same Pravin Gordhan who is the favorite son of white capital. The PP is pursuing the narrative of London, that’s why she has disregarded our complaint. Her office has now descended into a complete shut down on our complaint. We are in the dark as to what she has done with our complaint. Given how she treats BLF, we have legitimate grounds to believe that she has thrown our complaint into the dust bin.

Why did we go to the Office of the Public Protector on 18 July 2016?

We went for the reasons stated above. Firstly, we need to get an update on the R26 billion investigation which is now almost five years old. We were anxious to know if she intends leaving her office without addressing this important matter. Secondly, we wanted an update on the state capture by white capital. It’s a little bit ironic for us to say this but it needs to be said – the police (HAWKS) have treated this matter much better than the PP. The HAWKS keeps us updated and seeks clarity. We are assured that the matter is being pursued. Thuli simply doesn’t care, she is too busy with the DA complaints.

Prison conditions

The #BLF26 spent 8 nights in jail. We have seen enough to say racism is rife behind the high walls of jail. Black people are being thrown into a dark hole by the criminal justice system designed to treat blacks as sub humans. We were kept with accused persons who are not convicted. We heard testimonies of black people who have been on trial for anything between four to ten years. We heard how some white magistrate pride themselves in the racist sadistic pleasure of “turning babies into adults, adults into grandparents and send grandparents to the grave”. They keep you in jail for ten years. You are subsequently found guilty and sentence to a ridiculously long term of imprisonment so as to justify the fact that you were made to await trial in prison for 10 years. Otherwise, if you were found not guilty how will they look for imprisoning an innocent person. Besides they have kept you that long, they cant now just let you go. So they burry you. This life of no man’s land, this reality of year after year being kept as non convicted persons in prison who are awaiting finalization of their trials is sheer torture that steals your life completely. Its a matter of justice delayed for blacks!

We heard trialists ask, how come we cant get bail for ten years when we have not murdered anyone? They ask, how come a person who is arrested with the charge of house-breaking is denied bail but Oscar Pistorius gets bail whilst facing murder? Others laugh tearfully that on awaiting finalization of trial they have served more time already than Oscar, the murderer, has. We wondered too, but we have also clearly seen from our very limited experience in prison how blacks have no rights within the criminal justice system in this land.

Did we hear you ask, but what about “Legal Aid”? Well, we regret to inform you that the level of incompetency by legal aid lawyers has created a conspiracy to keep blacks in jail. Trialists call them, the “I confirm” people. They are there to confirm what the State says to the prejudice of the accused. Too many black people are rotting in jail who are not supposed to be there. But then we have to contend with this truth: is there really any black person who is not in jail in a racist white supremacist country like SA? We blacks vegetate from the big jail (society) to a small jail (prison).

What happened to our hair?

When the BLF26 appeared in court 62 on 26 July (see that 2 and that 6 again?), most of us appeared without hair. The cruel racist rules of prison, inherited in 1994, dictate that certain categories of the accused be clean shaven while they are kept in custody. When the non-shaved category of BLF members saw that some comrades had been forced by the prison system to shave their heads, they too shaved their heads as an act of solidarity because we understand how important our hair is to us as children of Sobukwe and Biko. Those of our comrades who appeared in court with their heads unshaven were kept in a different section and we had no means to get to them to report the collective decision to shave our heads as an act of solidarity. It’s not easy to communicate across sections in the Kgosi Mampuru Prison. Those who lost their hair first put up a brave resistance, but a sadistic prison warder using the force of fellow prisoners unleashed violence against our comrades. For many of us, we wear our hair as a statement of affirmation that there is nothing wrong with our much maligned and hated nappy hair. We wear our hair in its raw form as a stance of defiance in a world that proceeds on the basis of erasing us. Losing one’s hair under conditions not chosen by one is perhaps the final signature of captivity. We lost our hair, but not our commitment – but precisely because we value who we are.

We thank all for the support

The support we received from many during incarceration in the small jail strengthened us. We know we received support even from people who do not agree with us ideologically. We thank all. We thank the students, the Kilombo Way of Life, the Black Solidarity Action, the workers and students of Wits, Pasma, BLF-Student Mlovement and the Mayoral candidate for the City of Joburg for the Patriotic Alliance, Lee-Ann Williams. We thank the parents who came and in particular those who showed their solidarity with our movement by wearing BLF T-shirts. We thank the families that had to chip in and support a struggle they don’t fully understand. We thank those who took some of their own money and contributed to the kitty of building a bail fund. With your support we didn’t feel lost in a world that seeks to mark us out as a problem. We certainly do not thank the lawyers who we paid with some of the money you have donated to the cause. Our legal representation was appalling to say the least.

The struggle continues. BLF shall be writing again to the Public Protector this week. Should we not receive a response as usual we shall escalate our actions. We are determine to recover the R26 billion. We are equally determined to expose the vile white power that has captured the state. We shall not leave a stone unturned in the quest to end white power. The struggle continues!


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