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Thuli Madonsela refuses to investigate white corruption

By BO Staff Writer

The Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Madonsela, the Queen of cool and calm lost her cool during a live radio interview and in a fit of rage revealed that she won’t investigate the R26 billion stolen by whites. Madonsela shocked listeners of Power Fm on Thursday morning (28 July 2016) during the “power zone” program hosted by Thabo Mdluli by emphatically telling the National Convenor of Black First Land First (BLF), Andile Mngxitama, that their organization shouldn’t bother because her answer is “NO!” to their request that she investigate what happened to the claims arising from the CIEX report which shows, inter alia, that R26 billion was stolen by whites and President Mbeki did nothing about it.

During the heated exchanges with Mngxitama, Advocate Madonsela can be heard angrily saying “don’t bother Mr Mngxitama, my answer is NO!”. This was the first time that the Public Protector has revealed that she is not investigating what happened to the the R26 billion. She instead bizarrely said she is only investigating the Bankorp portion which is the smallest constituent part in value making up the R26 Billion. In a follow-up program on Thursday night the complainant, Advocate Paul Hoffmann, during the “JJ Tabane show” materially contradicted Madonsela and revealed that his complaint is for investigating the entire report and not as Madonsela had claimed that it is only in respect of a portion of the whole R26 billion claim. Hoffman’s assertions accordingly vindicate the claims made by BLF around the CIEX report.

Madonsela is celebrated for her competency therefore the clumsy manner she has handled the R26 billion white corruption lends credence to the claim by BLF that she is not interested in investigating corruption by whites. During the first mentioned morning show she also unwittingly let out that the investigation on the R26 billion was “derailed” because it was given to an intern who had subsequently resigned. This reveals how little she regarded the Herculean task of getting to the bottom of the R26 billion.

Andile Mngxitama of BLF told BO that his organisation has lost all trust in Thuli Madonsela following the Power FM program. Mngxitama said; “Advocate Madonsela has point blank told us that she won’t investigate the R26 billion stolen by Johann Rupert and by many other white businessmen from the public”. Mngxitama further stated that “the big question is why is the Public Protector electing to protect white corruption”. The BLF leader also bemoaned the fact that if it was a complaint by the Democratic Alliance against blacks Madonsela would have spared no effort to investigate it.

The investigation of the R26 billion corruption indicated in the CIEX report by the Public Protector has put BLF at loggerheads with her since last year. Two seeks ago 26 members of BLF staged a protest at the Public Protector’s office in Pretoria. They were demanding a meeting with Advocate Thuli Madonsela. The 26 were arrested and remanded in custody at The Kgosi Mampuru Prison for seven days. Mngxitama, who was among those arrested, said he now believes that the report on the R26 billion, if it does come before Madonsela leaves office in October 2016, shall be “a whitewash to absolve white corruption”.

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