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Below is a pamphlet written by Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement – Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) on the coup in Brazil.

– The removal of a president is only constitutional if he or she has committed a crime

– The authors of the request for impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff argued that she had been tax pedaling

– This practice does not constitute a crime and has been used by other presidents in the past, such as Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Lula da Silva

– Interim president Michel Temer practiced the same method, and 24 more governors from around the country, including Geraldo Alckmin, from São Paulo and former governor of Minas Gerais, Aécio Neves.

– If the Supreme Court was faithful to the Brazilian Constitution, it would cancel this process.

– More than 100 of the deputies who voted in favour of the coup are being investigated in the separate Operation “Lava Jato” (Car Wash) corruption investigation. These politicians, therefore, have no legitimacy or moral grounds from which to judge anyone, let alone a woman against whom there is no charge of corruption or account of corruption abroad.

– The rapporteur of the case in the Senate is the Antonio Anastasia, former governor of Minas Gerais, who also practiced tax pedaling during his five years term in office.

– *It was revealed in a leaked recording of a telephone conversation between Senator Romero Juca (PMDB-RO) and a colleague that the real purpose of the impeachment trial was to stop Operation Lava Jato, as President Dilma had refused to protect parliamentarians involved in the investigation. For this reason, among others, he made a pact to support Michel Temer and his plans to oust Rousseff.

– Saddled with an economic and political crisis, the government of President Dilma decided to decrease the advertising budgets of big media companies such as Globo and Editora Abril. In response to this budget cut, its owners, angry, began promoting anti-government demonstrations and the idea to depose Rousseff.

– The fact is that this impeachment has no legal basis; it is no more than a scam concocted by the most corrupt politicians, mass media and anti-patriotic businessmen.

– It has issued a provisional measure authorizing the privatization of state enterprises in the energy sector, as well as the country’s ports and airports.

– It has issued a law allowing foreign capital to purchase our airlines, land and natural resources.

– It has kept interest rates as the highest in the world, which will lead, in 2016, to the transfer of R$500 billion from the Treasury to the banks and the rich, because they are owners of domestic debt

– It authorized increasing the salaries of the judiciary, which will cost the taxpayer US$60 billion

– It closed several ministries that helped the poor, such as the Ministry of Agrarian Development and the Secretariat of Human Rights

– It changed a law that removes Petrobras’ obligation to share 30% of its profits from the pre-salt oil fields, which in effect delivers our country’s core wealth to international corporations.

– It announced a project that would change the Constitution to get rid of the mandatory government minimum funding on health and education

– It announced that it is going to change Social Security, raising the minimum age and forcing women to work the same time as men to be entitled to retirement. It also intends to freeze pensions – which serve the poorest – so that they are not tied to the annual increases in the minimum wage.

– It has reduced funding for the “My House My Life” public housing program, which had laid aside enough funding to build 700,000 homes in 2016 alone. It is unlikely that we will even get 30 thousand homes built this year.


– The cabinet is made up of rich, conservative and traditionalist white men

– Three ministers in Temer’s cabinet have already had to resign over allegations of corruption, and there are several more involved in other trials

– Temer gave clear signs that Brazil’s foreign policy would be one of realignment with the interests of the US government. He also said he would downsize Mercosur and Unasur, and abandon historical ties with Africa. He does not hide that Brazil will submit to the richest countries and their interest

– He appointed a general to the Office of Institutional Security, and allowed the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin) to once again spy on social movements and demonstrations


– The economic crisis is worsening, making life harder for the workers, pushing down wages and causing further unemployment.

– The coup has affected strategic sectors of the country, such as the construction industry, the naval industry and national defense industry. It has also affected companies that rely on the domestic market and the increase in the population’s purchasing power.

– Petrobras is being taken apart, they have fired thousands of workers and sold off many of its assets. They want to create the conditions to make it unfeasible as a state-owned company so they can justify its privatization.

– There has been an increase in police violence against the poor and popular movements that are defending the rights of workers.


– For President Dilma Rousseff to be acquitted by the Senate, ending the coup and the ongoing political farce, and respecting the 54 million Brazilians who elected her in 2014

– A commitment from President Dilma to head a new government program to solve the crisis, and introduce public policies that help the workers

– Respect for all social rights and labour rights conquered and consecrated in the Brazilian Constitution

– Punishment for all corrupt politicians – independent of party alignment – and ending the processes that only punish leaders of the Workers Party and not other parties

– Commitment to carry out serious political reform that guarantees that the people can choose their true representatives, ready for the 2018 elections

– Commitment to a new law for the media, to break the monopoly that the Globo Network and other family businesses have, in order to democratize the news media and culture.

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