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Thabo Mabotja denounced by EFF because he threatens whiteness

By BO Staff Writer

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) moved quickly to denounce their own Local Government Election (LGE) candidate, Thabo Mabotja, for a Facebook status threatening whites. EFF has branded itself radical but has consistently shown itself to be a poodle of white supremacy.

Mabotja says in his post “All white people must be hacked and killed”.

A screen grab of Mabotja's comment
A screen grab of Mabotja’s comment

In a statement issued yesterday, 29 July 2016, the EFF announced that it “welcomes the decision of the Electoral Court against one of our Councillor Candidates in Tshwane, Thabo Mabotja on a matter brought to him by the Independent Electoral Commission”. In this regard the Electoral Court had found that Thabo Mabotja’s Facebook statement amounted to a breach of the “Electoral Code of Conduct in relation to the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination” and consequently “disqualified him as a candidate”.

Mabotja’s comment speaks the truth many black people feel but are afraid to speak. Anyone who watches a film like “Roots”, “Twelve Years a Slave” or those who study carefully how blacks live in South Africa because of racism would understand where the outbursts by Mabotja stem from.

EFF is not averse to endangering black lives as seen by attacks on fellow blacks by its members or taking such provocative action as mocking hostel dwellers, but when whites are threatened the EFF moves swiftly to punish its own members.

A few months ago EFF leaders in the Northern Cape entered into peaceful dialogue with the extreme right-wing leaders of the neo-fascist enclave called Orania. These leaders were photographed sheepishly taking notes from the racists which is a big contrast to how it treats black people such as president Zuma.

The swift action against Mabotja is seen by others as an indication of EFF’s concern that its white backers from London, such as Lord Robin Renwick, would not be happy with Mabotja’s utterances.

Mabotja must be wondering what happened to the radical party he joined. Truth is, EFF is a pseudo-radical party controlled by white capital.

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