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The Orlando Task Team lays a complaint against EFF with IEC

By BO Staff Writer

A day after the Orlando Task Team (OTT) entered into a historic electoral pact with Black First Land First (BLF), the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is accused of distributing misleading flyers in Orlando.

Seth Mazibuko of the OTT said, “(y)ou are not going to believe this! EFF is distributing flyers with OTT logo, that OTT supports them in Ward 30 (Thapelo Mokoto)”. This desperate action by the EFF is calculated to mislead the voters into believing that the OTT has endorsed it and to this end is both unethical and oppportunitic.

Mazibuko said that the OTT has reported the matter to both the IEC and the SAPS. He furthermore said that he has reported the matter to the National Chairperson of the EFF, Advocate Dali Mpofu, with no success of its resolution thus far.

It can be gleaned from the community exchanges that the EFF clearly doesn’t enjoy any support in Orlando East. The strategy of the EFF is to piggyback on the popularity of the OTT through misleading propaganda. Community members are said to be up in arms about these shenanigans of the EFF.

It must be pointed out that the EFF has recently reacted swiftly against its own candidate councillor in Tshwane, Thabo Mabotja, who made certain statements on Facebook but three days later nothing has been said about the fraudulent activities of its candidate in Orlando East. This is seen as a defacto approval of his actions. BO shall be providing further updates on this matter.

It now remains to be seen how the IEC shall deal with the complaint.

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