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An Aerial View Tells A Different Story

By Pastor Xola Skosana

If you were to ever fly into any of the big cities of our country on a clear sky summer day, you would see the horror and scandal of land theft, of violent dispossession and the ongoing preservation of white privilege.

Vast acres of arable land are still occupied by a few white families and most secured and patrolled suburban spaces are reservoirs of white privilege, while hundreds of black people are squashed in hazardous uninhabitable concerntration camps. They look like scrap yards from up there. Our people spend over half of their income travelling to these white enclaves in search of work, only to be enlisted as modern slaves under the guise of job creation.

22 years after the birth of so called democracy, South Africa remains the most unequal society in the world. Both the Constitution and the Freedom Charter have legalized, normalized and legitimized mass land theft by whites. These fraudulent documents must be rejected as a first step towards Black liberation.

Elections and parliamentary politics have not been able to fix this divide in 22 years, it is not about to be fixed now.

So just because there are new black bodies in silky suits over-compensating for what they lack ideologically or in overalls mimicking revolutionaries walking around the corridors of power calling each other honorable, we must believe that freedom has come? Not a chance!

Whites own private beaches in coastal areas including patches of hunting land for their private recreation. This is the picture that politicians hope you will never get to see in your lifetime.

I vouch a revolution would break out tomorrow if Blacks were to see South Africa from an aerial view. The picture would leave blacks nauseated and angry enough to want to do something about it, rather than twerking all day in election rallies.

Politicians themselves don’t pay that much attention to such drastic disparities. They fly into the cities enjoying first class VIP treatment and are 90% of the time anyway half awake, intoxicated by expensive whiskeys.

They will hate me for telling you this: “Beware, you have been had, not even your cross on the 3rd of August will save you. You will wake up landless and poorer the morning after and realize you went to bed with a stranger”.

Until we understand and accept that we are prisoners of war waged by whites on us, we will chase a phantom every five years and hope that a cross on a piece of paper will bring us a miracle.

Land or Death!

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