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S.A. waiting to see if EFF will go into coalition with DA or not

By BO Staff Writer

The Local Government Election results are now in. All the major metropolitan cities are going to be governed by coalitions because no political party has an outright majority. The Economic Freedom Fighters  (EFF) has emerged as the “king maker”, that can decide who governs the metros.

The big question on the minds of the nation is whether the EFF would use its powerful position to give power to the racist party of white monopoly capital the Democratic Alliance (DA), or shall it use its advantage to demand land expropriation without compensation from the ANC amongst other demands.

The EFF has been sending confusing messages. It’s National Chairperson and Deputy President (Dali Mpofu and Floyd Shivambu) told the media that no coalition with the ANC is possible. Then it’s President, Julius Malema, said in political gobbledygook that talks with the ANC are possible. Subsequently, yesterday the National Spokesperson of the EFF went back to the “no coalition with the ANC” position. The strategy seems to be to prepare the nation psychologically for a DA deal.

The progressive desired coalition is between EFF and ANC were the capture of these metros by the racist DA can be prevented. The National Convenor of BLF, Andile Mngxitama has written an open letter to Julius Malema literally begging him not to go into coalition with the DA. By end of the day yesterday, Mngxitama had not received any response from the EFF president.

A coalition with the DA will be for political expediency and opening up possibilities of looting by tenders. The DA, unlike the ANC has no policy making powers to change the land policy.

Secondly, talks of municipal land as basis for a DA deal are misleading because municipalities can only dispose of land in their books. Municipal land is a drop in the ocean, it’s a percentage from the 14% total state land. So even if all municipal land was given to the landless it would not address land hunger. Only expropriation of white owned land can address the land needs of the black majority.

The present scenario is the biggest political test for the EFF. If it goes to bed with the DA against the ANC it will be evidence enough that EFF has been captured by white monopoly capital, in particular Johann Rupert, and the British queen through her agent Lord Robin Renwick.

A land based coalition with the ANC would present the EFF as revolutionary movement that has abandoned any links with imperialism. Which path will EFF take?

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