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12 Months Ultimatum

By Xola Skosana

Exactly 12 months from now, the ink used to put a cross on that ballot paper will have long time dried up, yet the quality of life of Black people will still be in the same pathetic state, the same socio-economic position they were in on the 3rd of August 2016 or predictably worse off.

Fees will not have fallen, the price of bread will not have fallen, matter of fact, they will have increased. Marikana families will not have been justly compensated, miners will not be earning R12 500, farm workers will still be earning a slave wage, Apla Political Prisoners will still be languishing in jail and most of all, the Land will not have been returned.

On the other hand, paid politicians who are professional activists and White people will be 12 months richer, 12 months healthier and 12 months more arrogant.

This is no rocket science, we’ve been here before, at least 5 times since 1994. Lied to, twerked and dabbed, then got the t-shirt. Some of us have swapped yellow t-shirts for blue t-shirts, others have swapped the yellow t-shirt for the new arrival, the red t-shirt. What we have not been able to swap is our debilitating state of Blackness, our Social Death.

Today we woke up to the news of the brutal killing of Mduduzi Mkhize, one of the Apla Political Prisoners. He bled to death in the hands of the state he had fought to liberate. The South African state has responded in the manner that Jimmy Kruger, the minister of justice and police in the apartheid government responded to the death of Biko. He was quoted to have said, “The death of Biko leaves me cold.”

Everytime we have voted we think we have turned a corner for the better, only to wake up with an election hangover and nothing to show for it except more landlessness and perpetual preservation of white privilege in every sector of society.

Let us go back to the wisdom of Sobukhwe and Biko — they had the ideological foresight. PAC said the Land is the epitome of everything and AZAPO saw the scam of 1994 and abstained. Let us reject parliamentary politics and intensify the fight for the return of the land.

Door to door, in every street corner, every funeral and every wedding, wherever Blacks gather, at church, in beer halls, at work and at home, in the lecture halls and in the classrooms, every hostel and every residence, for 12 solid months, let’s marshal and deploy all progressive forces across party political lines, educate the masses about the centrality of the Land in the struggle for Black liberation.

Everything African is connected to the Land, food, education, wealth spirituality, dignity, identity and health, are all related to the Land and will only be resolved through Land.

When this work has been thoroughly done, when Black Consciousness, Pan Afrikanism and Black Radical Feminism have taken root in every home, the people must take to the streets, engage on a nationwide civil disobedience and intensify the fight for the Land.

Let us take this fight to spaces of white privilege and spaces of symbolic political power. What we do when we get there, we will leave to imagination.

Let us rather spend what’s left of ourselves taken care of by warders, fed three meals a day and given free medical health in South African jails than the humiliation we now endure. If it’s any comfort to the moderate, there’s no prison big enough for all of us.

Peace to the Africans
War to the Enemy
Land or Death

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