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EFF Listens to its London Masters on Coalitions

By BO Staff Writer

It is an undenied fact that the leadership of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) met with the representatives of British imperialism last year in October in London. The British queen was represented in that meeting by her trusted agent, Lord Robin Renwick. The EFF has kept the details of the meeting a secret despite promising to release the footage of the engagement. Now, almost a year later, the footage is still not made available to the public.

The known demands and interests of British and South African white capital is the destruction of BRICS, as they have done in Brazil. There is added interest of the South African white capital in the destruction of the Gupta businesses because they have encroached into the mining industry, which is the sole preserve of white capital. This explains the campaign against the Gupta family.

The consequence of the anti-BRICS imperialist strategy is that President Jacob Zuma must be removed from office before his term ends. This is what imperialism has achieved in Brazil. The “Zuma Must Go” campaign is a program of the anti-BRICS strategy of imperialism. The EFF seem to have agreed to be agents of imperialism and to push for this agenda. The condition put forward by EFF is that in order for it to go into any coalitions with the ANC, it wants Zuma gone. This is in reality a condition of London — it has nothing to do with addressing the real issues facing our people.

The removal of Zuma as president of South Africa has no benefit for the landless Black majority, his removal is good only for Western imperialism. Zuma is seen by the West as too close to China, Russia and India. Zuma is seen as an independent. Imperialism knows that the leaders of EFF have a personal hatred for Zuma. The West is manipulating this hatred to push its own regime change agenda to destroy the BRICS process by using the EFF.

In the open letter the leader of Black First Land First (BLF), Andile Mngxitama, wrote to the leader of EFF, he has provided a progressive, anti-imperialist and anti-racist option and conditions of coalition that could take the country forward. However, EFF leadership seems hellbent on serving London instead of the revolutionary process that could address the land question. The ANC is currently vulnerable and can be pushed to review its land and economic policy to benefit our people. But imperialism wants Zuma gone, so the EFF echoes the voice of London.

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