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BLF held a successful Induction Workshop in Soweto

By BO Staff Writer

BLF held a successful Induction Workshop in Soweto yesterday, 13 August 2016, being the first anniversary of the publication of its revolutionary call”. The workshop was attended by members of the National Coordinating Committee (NCC), the Provincial Coordinating Committees (PCC’s), sympathisers and members.

The objectives of the Induction Workshop were to introduce BLF members and leaders to the basic ideas of BLF as contained in the Black Agenda. Areas covered include the philosophical foundations of BLF being Black Consciousness, Pan Afrikanism and a Sankarist leadership ethos. The explanation of the BLF logo which encompasses the Sankofa bird in the symbol of the black power fist was also discussed.

The workshop also discussed the position of BLF on women’s liberation. The teachings of Thomas Sankara, Joy James and Hortense Spillers on women were referenced. This discussion was undertaken within the framework of what is guided by the Black Agenda. At the end of the input and discussion on this topic, a resolution was taken that BLF should develop policy to guide personal relationships within the movement. It was also suggested that a day long workshop be held on the women’s question.

The induction workshop further canvassed BLF’s structure in relation to its core organisational principle being democratic centralism; the media strategy of BLF; how to build structures; the National as well as the Gauteng Programme of Action, and plans to occupy land and houses in white suburbs. The campaign to retrieve the R26 billion stolen by whites from the South African Reserve Bank, which is the subject matter of the investigation lying on the desk of the Public Protector since August 2011 and which she refuses to finalise in its totality, was highlighted.

The event closed on a high note with #BLFinduction trending on Twitter. The next week-long political education workshop is planned for December 2016 and will be held in either Durban or Cape Town.

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