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EFF to bring back apartheid in Johannesburg

By BO Staff Writer

Who would have thought it would be the political party that claims to fight for economic freedom which would bring back white rule in the biggest city in Africa? The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is set to parcel out the City of Johannesburg to the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) within days. The DA has apparently entered into a coalition agreement with the EFF in terms of which the EFF shall give its votes to the DA to govern Johannesburg. In return the DA will give the EFF strategic positions in Tshwane. Insiders say it’s a done deal, which was to be announced on Tuesday but postponed for Wednesday because of the Marikana Massacre anniversary.

The DA has failed to increase its voter percentage within the black townships. In Cape Town it has not won a single ward, which is also true for Johannesburg. Black voters continue to reject the DA. However, now the EFF has decided to give the black voters to the DA. Some sources claim the deal was sealed in London last October when the EFF was in the UK. Soon after the UK tour, the Sunday Times reported that secret meetings between the DA and EFF were being held. These meetings were about laying the foundations for post election coalition as desired by London. These sources claim that the London funders of both the DA and EFF have encouraged the coalition between the two parties. This would mean that the EFF is merely dancing to the tune of London by going into coalition with the DA.

The details of the deal shall emerge in time. The EFF was not interested in dialogue with the ANC. It frustrated any discussion with ridiculous demands. This is despite the fact that ideologically only the ANC can give the EFF concessions which would address the main policy issues that it (EFF) claims it is fighting for. Only the ANC could make policy change to give land to the landless and to nationalize the mines and other strategic sectors of the economy. EFF couldn’t make these demands because its main objective was to satisfy its London handlers. The story of how Dr Mamphela Ramphele was forced into a merger with the DA just before the last elections is still fresh in many people’s memories. Now the EFF seeks to achieve what Mamphela failed to achieve.

The model of racist city management which has kept Cape Town white is expected to also come to Johannesburg when the DA takes over – this is thanks to the EFF. On social media many have posed questions to the EFF about its coalition with the DA and specifically giving Johannesburg to the DA. One such question which has not been answered is how is giving the economic headquarters of SA to the DA consistent with the EFF policy of “Economic Freedom”? DA is an unapologetic party of white settler monopoly capital. EFF has in these coalition talks abandoned all its ideological commitments. In fact just a week ago the President of the EFF, Julius Malema, had said that the EFF would not go into coalition with the DA – analysts say it was all rhetoric to pacify the EFF members who would be alarmed at a DA deal. But now Malema and other EFF leaders feel that they have done enough to make members feel that its better to go with the DA than the ANC.

There is no denying that the DA has ruled the Western Cape as a racist enclave. The DA capture of Johannesburg with the help of the EFF means that the party of white racism now rules over two strategic cities of SA – the legislative city of Cape Town and the economic heartland of Johannesburg. The most damning aspect of the deal is that the DA will now rule in a city where the majority of its citizens didn’t vote for it. Without the votes donated by the EFF, it would not be ruling Johannesburg.

Black people wanted change, the EFF gave them Hellen Zille. Many didn’t know that by voting for the EFF in the Local Government Election (LGE) they were indirectly voting for the DA. This alleged deal with DA has finally proven the critics of the EFF right, they have been saying that the EFF is part of the regime change plot to protect white capital. They have accused the EFF of taking instructions from white capital in London to undertake the “Zuma Must Go” campaign and the vilification of the Gupta family. Now this deal shows that the critics were right all along – that EFF is essentially about protecting white capital whilst its rhetoric says something completely different.

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