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Remember the Marikana 44

By Botsang Moiloa

Four years down the line, we remember the 44 Black men mowed down in Marikana Platinum Mine for the protection of the settler minority land thieves’ interests. And when I speak of land, politicians give my people squatter camps and bonded residential land. And when I wrote of minerals and economic land stolen and still owned by white settlers, Black politicians ignore my laments and as a matter of fact kill Blacks in order to protect white monopoly capital.

Yesterday I wrote about how brutal neo-colonialism and white domination is. It has made our people hate themselves. We even fail to recognise other people as part of us just because they are doing other types of jobs. It is indeed Marikana 44. A week in which we saw white capitalism and greed being put above the lives of 44 Black men. It is a fact that 44 BLACK men were the ONLY ones killed on the day by predominantly Black people to protect the interests of a white person and a black scarlet pimpernel. And guess what, only Black police official and their Commissioner are facing the wrath of the law.

It is Black against Black for white capital. It is Black charging and prosecuting Black through white created laws. And it is Black blaming Blacks against interests of white monopoly capital.

The sounds of machine guns, the Pangas and screams. The blood of hard working Black men spilling all over the Koppi in the area previously owned by my forefathers. It was not about a living wage as R12 500 is not a living wage but a slave wage. It was not about better living conditions as there is no life underground, it is not about the Platinum, Gold, Diamonds, Coal or any other mineral that Mother Afrika is blessed with. It was all about white supremacy, white capital and white domination, that’s the reason those 44 Black men were killed.

Black policemen shooting our own brothers is not about a job. It is neither about barbarism or tribalism. It is well within mental colonization, self hate and a little white man in the head of a Black person. Cyril Ramaphosa, the Deputy President of this country and the ANC, pulling on all sorts of strings to defend what Baas in London ordered, has nothing to do with administration and leadership, but maximum profit and tokenism.

As we remember Marikana 44 and the continued suffering of their families, we should not put a blind eye on what London is doing to our politicians. We should not undermine the strengths our politicians develop as they go out of our way to implement what Baas and Queen in England has ordered.

As we enter the political parties coalition era we should never think it will only be in the interest of Black people. It is never for Blacks. And it is never when ordered by Blacks. Blacks never give orders for white interests. They just implement what a little white man in their heads says they should do.

To the poor marginalised majority, a white man said farm, mine and kill others, I will pay. For the so called Black Middle Class a little white man in the head said, manage them, you are better than them, be strict and I will give you titles and access to credit to be permanently indebted to me.

But even more interesting to a Black Politician and former liberation fighter a little white man expanded a bit in the heads of these ones making them wild and rough towards Blacks and said, whatever they do or demand let it be of inhumane level. And if they push for free quality education, better market related salaries or basic conditions of living like water and land… Kill Them Before they Disturb My Profits.

We have to defeat primarily the little white man in our heads. Then we can talk of freedom. 44 Black men were killed in Marikana for White Monopoly Interests. And to date, it is business as usual. Land wars are economic wars.

Vuka Darkies because ’94 Changed Vokol!

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