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Sex With No Strings Attached – EFF Position

By Xola Skosana

The EFF is saying they want nothing to do with the ANC, they call the DA the lessor evil of the two parties, “Better Devil” to use Malema’s words, with which they will have casual sex without any commitment.

“We will vote for the opposition, we will vote for progress.” If the ANC is the opposition, we will vote against the ANC.

The EFF has tried hard not to betray its choreographed Maoist socialist image but these local elections have made it extremely difficult to keep the song and dance.

Voting for progress and with the opposition, i.e., DA, practically means the Land question, central to Black Liberation, must take a back seat for now until 2060 or 2070 when the EFF has two thirds majority, allowing them to change the constitution and expropriate the land without compensation.

By then white power will have reinforced itself a hundred times as it did in the last 22 years, don’t be surprised if the presidents of both the EFF and ANC are white males.

The EFF itself will have gone through so many changes, apart from more potential leadership scandals, the EFF, like all other parties, will have been weakened by both internal factional dynamics and external imperial forces.

The one thing Malema, Floyd and the man called the people’s bae Mbuyiseni, can look forward to their lucrative pension. The Land, dololo.

The only option left for blacks is to mobilize progressive forces on the left and communities, around Land politics.

Any institution that has proven incapable of resolving the Land question must be aggressively rejected. Parliamentary politics, constitutionalism, the courts, the national anthem and the flag in their current form must be rejected.

There’s no revolution in these state sponsored, state captured institutions and symbols of power, they only serve to regulate and enforce civility which amounts to ongoing slavery for Blacks.

Give that man a Bell’s, he tried but failed, Blacks are now on their own. The children of Biko and Sobukhwe must make a choice for Land or Landlessness under an anti-parliamentary vanguard, the Azanian Front.

Peace Among Africans!
War To The Enemy!
Land or Death!
Forward with the People’s War!

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