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DA racist cabal instructed EFF to reject Mashaba?

By BO Staff Writer

The first sign that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are set to be the minnows of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the newly formed coalition has been revealed. Sources say that the DA whites have asked the EFF to make the removal of Herman Mashaba, the black DA City of Johannesburg mayoral candidate, a condition of the coalition. Julius Malema said that there was a condition agreed to between the DA and the EFF but he has refused to reveal to the media what that condition is. Now sources bizarrely say that it was not the EFF which made the condition. It was the whites of DA who asked EFF to make this condition on its behalf because these DA racists want Mashaba gone.

Many have asked why the EFF has objections about Herman Mashaba (a black person) but are happy to vote for Athol Trollip (a white man) to be mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality. The answer is now revealed as the fact that EFF has decided to serve the agenda of the racist cabal that runs the DA.

Both the DA and the EFF have sold their coalition as a “no coalition” and the mainstream media is happy to promote this lie to essentially deceive the radical EFF members who were likely to question a coalition with the DA.

The EFF is accused of negotiating in bad faith with the ANC. It is said that it made a long list of unrealistic demands so as to turn the ANC off and to use this as an excuse to enter into an alliance with the DA.

Mashaba has reacted angrily to the attacks by the EFF. The racist DA cabal that wants Mashaba gone is apparently worried that Mashaba, unlike Mmusi Maimane, is independent and refuses to take instructions. The cabal is still alarmed at Mashaba’s absence from the DA manifesto launch. Furthermore, sources say Mashaba has not cooperated with the team sent from Cape Town to control him. They want him out and the EFF has allegedly agreed to be the bulldog of the racist DA cabal.

Only time will tell if Mashaba can survive the onslaught.

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