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EFF chooses racist DA as coalition partner

By BO Staff Writer

The citizens of three important metropolitan cities of South Africa shall within days be under the white rule of the Democratic Alliance (DA), thanks to the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of Julius Malema. The biggest fear of most black South Africans has now come to be. The DA is the unapologetic representative of white monopoly capital. It is a well-known party of capitalism and white supremacy. The EFF has surprised many by deciding to go into a coalition with the DA with no strings attached.

During the talks on coalitions, the EFF presented the ruling party (ANC) with a string of unrealistic demands and quickly allowed the talks to break down. It is clear that the EFF had put those demands to the ANC in bad faith. They wanted to create an excuse to go to bed with the DA. The coalition talks with the DA started after the EFF was on tour in London last year. The Sunday Times reported on the secret talks in January this year.

Sources claim that the EFF/DA coalition was most likely crafted by the same London based interests which forced Dr Mamphele Ramphele into a suicidal coalition with the DA last national elections. It’s baffling why the EFF would surrender such important cities as Nelson Mandela Bay, City of Johannesburg and Tshwane to the DA with no conditions.

The EFF has also been running a propaganda war to try pacify its members by denying that the coalition with the DA is indeed a coalition. The media have been manipulated through leaking the story that there was no coalition between DA and EFF. A coalition is the unity of political parties to achieve a specific objective, generally to set up a government. This is exactly what is going on between EFF and DA despite both parties denying it’s a coalition.

Malema alluded to a secret condition of the coalition during the press conference yesterday. Now sources say it was around the position of Herman Mashaba as mayor of the City of johannesburg. The EFF is rejecting Mashaba, the black man, but are happy with Atholl Trollip, the white man. There are claims that in fact it’s the racist DA cabal that wants Mashaba out and EFF is doing their dirty work.

The citizens of Nelson Mandela Bay, City of Johannesburg and Tshwane must now adjust to a life under white rule and for this unfortunate turn of events must thank the EFF of Julius Malema.

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