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EFF Gives Whites Economic Freedom

By BO Staff Writer

The political coalition between the Economic Freedom Fighters  (EFF) and the racist white supremacist Democratic Alliance (DA) of Helen Zille has delivered one of the biggest transfers of economic empowerment to whites since 1994. The DAEFF coalition which has ensured that key metropolitan cities fall under the anti black rule of the DA has put about R100 billion in the hands of white people.

Jack Bloom of the DA has been gloating that the DA now has control over a R100 billion budget. The EFF has sold the coalition as a “no coalition” and the mainstream media has been repeating this propaganda. The EFF has furthermore presented its handing over of political power to the DA as a selfless act so as to fight the ostensible corruption of the ANC. A correct analysis of the DAEFF coalition however shows that the economic empowerment of whites is located at its centre.

The DA has evidently ruled the Western Cape through white corruption and racist exclusion of black people from any benefit from tenders. The DA has traditionally done business with whites and continues to do so – now thanks to the EFF. This very model shall be extended to such critical cities as Joburg.

The question that many have asked is what is in it for the EFF leadership? The leader of the EFF, Juluis Malema, has been found to be illegally enriching himself from state tenders by the Public Protector. To this end his properties that were acquired from corrupt dealings were confiscated and sold in execution. This was over and above his tax troubles which led to further attachments of properties. In this context it must be noted that Malema has been and stands accused of bankrupting the Province of Limpopo.

The DAEFF coalition will place huge economic power in the hands of whites and possibly throw crumbs into the hands of EFF leaders as a token of appreciation for such a significant  capture of assets. This shifting of massive economic resources into white hands against the economic interests of the black majority exposes the EFF as a tool of white interests which uses radical rhetoric to fool black people. The EFF has demonstrated its constant delivery for whites. Since the DAEFF coalition whites have been openly praising Juluis Malema.

From the look of things black people are going to wait for far too long for economic freedom. The historical record shall show that in 1994 blacks took nominal formal political power and a mere 22 years later the EFF returned even this modicum of power to whites thereby giving them direct control in excess of R100 billion.


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