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EFF helps DA to bring back apartheid in Tshwane

By BO Staff Writer

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) told its members and the nation that going into coalition with the DA doesn’t mean that it supports the known racism of the DA. In this context the Tshwane leader of the EFF even issued a warning to the DA about racism. All that has been exposed as mere empty talk on the part of the EFF as the DA has gone ahead and elected the most untransformed mayoral committees ever seen in Tshwane since 1994.

EFF has failed in the first task of preventing the DA from going back to apartheid management of the City. Many have asked how the EFF will now talk about lack of transformation with integrity when its coalition partner has been given a blank cheque to return Tshwane to apartheid?

The race representation of the mayoral committees including the chairpersons thereof is the opposite of the demographics of the City. The DA is an unapologetic racist party. Let us not forget that the DA’s founder leader Tony Leon, whose father Ramon Leon was notorious for being an apartheid hanging judge, has a bloody legacy that shows his racist resistance to the black liberation struggle via inter alia his involvement with the apartheid South African Defence Force (SADF). Moreover, Ramon Leon is the man who sent Salomon Mahlangu to the gallows. The primary mandate of the DA is to defend white interests. To this end the EFF has become a handyman assisting the DA to reverse even the small gains made since 1994.


The return of apartheid representation in the mayoral committees of both the City of Tshwane and the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipalities under the nose of the EFF is the clearest indication that the DAEFF coalition is for the benefit of whites and white settler monopoly capital. EFF must take full responsibility for the activities of its coalition partner the DA.

Even the cartoonists are beginning to depict the DAEFF coalition as a situation where EFF is the donkey carrying the DA back to apartheid and capitalist exploitation. The claim that EFF sold out is becoming harder to refute by the day. The DA can’t believe that, of all people, it would be Juluis Malema who would allow it to turn back the clock of transformation.

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