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Julius Malema “gives S.A. to whites for safe keeping”

By Andile Mngxitama

Julius Malema inadvertently revealed how far to the right the EFF has gone in the parliamentary debate on the local government elections of 2016. Malema was at pains to try justify the DA/EFF coalition and to dismiss accusations that he has sold out. Social media has even dubbed him Julius “Sell-out” Malema for going into coalition with the racist DA.

Responding to some of the accusations leveled against him and EFF; Malema floundered, mostly unconvincingly. He gave a speech that revealed more apologia for racism.

Trying to justify why EFF is in coalition with a party of white monopoly capital, Malema said the ANC had itself merged with the National Party (NP). But this is not a refutation that the DA is a party of white supremacy. Malema seems to have forgotten that he himself said so. This response by Malema is an admission that both the ANC and EFF have sold out black people to white interests with the difference that EFF presents itself as the enemy of white monopoly capital and racism. This is a childish logic of “you have done it. Leave us to do it too”. The ANC/NP coalition was a bad thing, why is Malema doing a remix of the same thing with DA/EFF?

Malema said the National Party was murderous. In this he tried to project the DA as “a better devil”. This is a claim not supported by facts. The DA as a party of white monopoly capital represents the mass murderers and land thieves of the last 350 years. The DA is not a better devil, it is the devil. It seems that Malema had forgotten that the founding leader of the DA Tony Leon fought in the apartheid army just like the mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Athol Trollip. The apartheid army is responsible for many massacres of black people in South Africa and bordering countries. Under its belt are the Soweto and Sharpville massacres.

In trying to project the National Party as worse than the DA, Malema spit on the grave of Solomon Mahlangu who was sent to hang by the father of Tony Leon, the founding leader of the DA. Leon has come out to celebrate the DA/EFF coalition.

Malema also said “we’ll not vote for a party that has ruled while blacks are entrapped in shacks!”. This is an insult to the people of the Western Cape and a blue lie. Voting for the DA in the metros was voting for a party that rules “whilst blacks are entrapped in shacks”. Malema drives on the N2 weekly from the Cape Town airport to parliament but he fails to see the shacklands of Cape Town. Malema holds rallies in Khayelitsha but does not see the shacks under DA rule. Certainly Malema doesn’t know that blacks in DA ruled Cape Town still use the pota pota.

The most bizarre claim in Malema’s speech was that voting for the DA is to safeguard the country. The implication is that blacks are destroying the country and whites can be trusted to keep it safe. Malema said the ANC has forced EFF to “pause our struggle against white monopoly capital, because we first have to rescue the country from ANC!”. So the EFF goes into coalition with white monopoly capital under the guise of fighting the ANC. Worse still, EFF gives whites a vote of confidence as safer hands for the country! This reveals the depths of slave mentality and house negro logic. Malema and EFF have forgotten that the country has been destroyed since 1652 and blacks know no peace in their own land.

Turning to the accusation by black consciousness organisations such as the Black First Land First (BLF) that the DA/EFF coalition is a sell out Malema said, “to those who say we were not Black Conscious when we voted for the DA, note that when we voted for the DA, we did not disrupt the land question! We offered the ANC our 6% to get back the land and they refused!” This is an odd and illogical claim. How is voting for a party that represents land thieves consistent with black consciousness? How is it advancing the struggle for land to choose to be in coalition with a party that opposes land return to black people? How is it consistent with black consciousness to support a party which is blatantly racist and opposes even the mild affirmative action? DA has not wasted any time in both Nelson Mandela Bay and Tshwane after securing those cities from EFF votes, it promptly installed predominately white and male mayoral committees. That is certainly anti-black consciousness and a sell out.

Malema says the EFF offered the ANC its 6% for land and ANC refused. He forgot to add that amongst EFF demands was the irrational demand that President Zuma be removed from office. A demand many have said comes straight from London by the anti-BRICS imperialist forces who want to remove Zuma in the same way it has removed the democratically elected president of Brazil. That demand was always going to be a deal breaker. Malema forgets that he said the ANC was open for discussion on the land issue during their coalition talks. The issue was how far they were prepared to go. We shall never know because EFF was not negotiating in good faith was too eager to collapse the talks with the ANC and jump into bed with the DA.

The question that needs to be asked is which of the demands EFF made to DA were accepted. Malema said the DA had equally rejected their demands. This begs the question then of why go into a coalition with the DA? It must be remembered that up to now the EFF has refused to reveal what the secret deal is between itself and the DA. Malema told the press conference held in Alexander that he would not reveal the terms of the coalition. What is known to date is that the DA has been given a blank cheque to restructure the mayoral committees as it wishes including returning them to apartheid demographics.

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