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Pravin Gordhan playing mafia king with the rand

By BO Staff Writer

The Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, faces possible serious criminal charges and in this regard is playing hide and seek with the law. Gordhan has refused to submit to the HAWKS to initiate a process that is likely to lead to him being charged for various crimes related to the establishment of the “rogue unit” under his tenure at the South African Revenue Services.

Gordhan says he is innocent but two independent commissions have found that the “rogue unit” was established illegally. The Sikhakhane Commission findings have been corroborated by the findings of the auditing firm KPMG. The case opened by the current SARS Commissioner, Tom Moyane, is most likely based on the findings and recommendations of the aforesaid commissions. To this end Moyane was left with no other alternative but to press charges against Pravin. In this regard, failure to act against Pravin by the SARS Commissioner would have been tantamount to him being in deleriction of his duty.

Pravin Gordhan and his associates on his behalf are used to applying heavy-handed tactics akin to that of the underworld so as to protect Gordhan from public scrutiny and the law. Gordhan and his associates are accused of forcing the Sunday Times to retract its conclusions eminating from its investigation, including its enquiry into the KPMG report, on the “rogue unit”. This has forced one of the senior journalists of Sunday Times, Piet Rampedi, to rather resign than to surrender his journalistic ethics to protect Gordhan.

This modus operandi of avoiding accountability by Gordhan has now been extended to attempts to discredit the HAWKS through media campaigns. Pravin Gordhan has point-blank defied the police and in this regard he has been bolstered by white capital which in turn has written a public letter to the President asking him to illegally interfere with the independence of the prosecutorial authorities. Gordhan, with the help of the media and white monopoly capital, has instigated another recruitment run on the rand with the hope of unduly forcing the NPA to stop the process of investigation.

It must be remembered that Gordhan was employed by white capital last December in a brazen act of state capture. The Black Consciousness Movement, Black FIrst Land First (BLF), has opened a criminal case and laid a compliant with the Public Protector against these white capitalists including bankers.

New evidence is emerging that shows that Gordhan is acting with arrogance because he is linked to most of the banks and corporations which have insisted that he be hired as Finance Minister. Pravin Gordhan has furthermore been defended by Trevor Manuel and Cyril Ramaphosa – both linked to the global and local banking systems and are implicated in the December 2015 state capture charges laid by BLF. The public support by Manuel and Ramaphosa for Gordhan has exposed them as part of the regime change faction within the ANC that seeks to strengthen white monopoly capital which in turn is threatened by the BRICS process.

Many South Africans have asked that the Minister of Finance subject himself to the Rule of Law and cooperate with the HAWKS. If he is wrongly prosecuted then, like all other citizens, he has recourse to the law. Gordhan is promoting lawlessness and setting a bad precedent where ministers can refuse to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies. The big question is: if Pravin Gordhan is innocent, why is he running away from the law? The old adage applies here – “only the guilty are afraid”.

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