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Why is Pravin Gordhan running away from the police?

By Andile Mngxitama

The Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, behaves like a criminal fleeing from the law. This has raised a reasonable inference that Gordhan is indeed guilty of serious crimes and possibly more charges to be added once he is charged. The strategy of his political and economic supporters, such as the imperialist American Chambers of Commerce and the Business Leadership South Africa, seem to be that Gordhan must avoid being charged at all costs.

New evidence shows that Gordhan is a shareholder in many of the banks in respect of which a case of “state capture” by white capital has been opened against. In fact Bobby Godsell, who is the Chairman of Business South Africa, is one of the most vocal defenders of Pravin Gordhan and has been encouraging him to defy the law. Godsell is also one of the individuals cited in the criminal case opened by Black First Land First (BLF) of state capture through forcing the President to appoint Gordhan as Minister of Finance last December.


The strategy of shielding Gordhan from the administration of justice in terms of the law amounts to economic sabotage. To this end the rand has been held hostage as a key weapon so as to prevent Gordhan from being legally accountable. Another weapon being employed is the rating agencies so as to ward off the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa (NPA). The American Chamber of Commerce has called on civil society, Members of Parliament and opposition parties to rebel against the pro BRICS Zuma faction in the ANC to ensure that Gordhan escapes his day in court.

The media has kept a tight lid on the possible damning link between the criminal activities of British American Tobacco and SARS against its competition and the fact that these criminal activities, including spying and bribing the police and SARS officials, has occurred under Gordhan’s charge. The most sinister and potentially criminal fact is that Gordhan is a shareholder in British American Tobacco. Criminal charges of iner alia corruption regarding this link have not yet been preferred against Gordhan. BLF has however indicated this week that it is taking legal advice on whether it should proceed against Gordhan since he is a shareholder in the businesses owned by the same white capitalists (including Johann Rupert) whom the organization has opened criminal charges against for state capture in respect of which Gordhan was illegally hired last December.

The charges that Pravin Gordhan is running away from include how he had illegally allowed his friend Ivan Pillay an early retirement payout and subsequently kept him on the job. Pillay is the key link to the SARS “rogue unit” (which was set up illegally) – its main job being to illegally spy on the law enforcement agencies like the NPA. Sources claim that former Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel, is also implicated because he approved the buying of the spying equipment requested by SARS which was at the relevant time under the watch of Pravin Gordhan. If this claim is proven to be true then Gordhan is as guilty as (he may be) charged and may even go down with Manuel and possibly Thabo Mbeki who are also implicated.

Four investigations

The media is playing down and misleading the public about the huge body of evidence against Gordhan. Four investigations have found that there was an illegally established spying unit or the so called “rogue unit” at SARS. The media has, instead of informing the public accordingly, actually chosen to attack the investigations. First was the investigation by Advocate Kanyane, followed by an investigation by Advocate Muzi Sikhakhane, then another investigation by the SARS Advisory Board headed by Judge Frank Kroon and lastly there was one by KPMG.

Sikhakhane and Kroon found that the “rogue unit” was unlawfully established. Their findings have been corroborated by the KPMG investigation. This may explain why Pravin Gordhan is running away from the law by hiding behind white monopoly capital which has hired him to look after its interests.

Black Opinion shall tomorrow publish a detailed report on what the “rogue unit” is and how it was used as a weapon of white monopoly capital to target black business people. If Gordhan is not guilty, he must stop the scorched earth policy of taking the whole economy down with him. If he is a man of integrity he would think about the country first and not try to instigate an imperialist attack on the economy. Gordhan behaves like a man who has no faith in the independence of the judiciary.


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