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BLF denounces anti BRICS coup in Brazil

By Zanele Lwana and Lindsay Maasdorp

We join our voices with the progressive peoples of the world in denouncing the imperialist coup in Brazil. President Dilma Rousseff was democratically elected but removed by a bunch of thugs serving their imperialist masters to destroy the BRICS process.  We urge South African patriots to be aware because our country is next. Imperialism has been testing the ground through various schemes like uniting the opposition parties to take over the metropolitan cities, to using Treasury as a battering ram to dislodge any patrotic leadership within the state sector. In this endeavor Minister Pravin Gordhan plays the same role as played by the corrupt neo liberal Vice President Michel Tremer in Brazil. 

The Brazil coup shows beyond doubt that neo liberalists are democrats only on paper but are in reality neo fascists. What happened in Brazil is a coup. Imperialism is now impatient. It no longer waits for elections. It is back to its old ways of manufacturing internal dissent to impose itself. Brazil was first hit with economic terrorism by imperialism through its rating agencies. When inflation was high as a result of the imperialist attack on the economy, society was mobilized against the workers party. But the most potent weapon for imperialism has been the opposition parties who have usurped the legislative arm to effect a coup.

Signs that the anti BRICS forces have set their sights on South Africa (S.A.) is evidenced by the openly brazen call for a coup against President Zuma by the USA through its economic arm of global terrorism, the American Chamber of Commerce, which placed a big advertisement on the pro imperialist Business Day calling for the said coup.  BLF is clear that the ANC has not served black people. However, any imperialist intervention in S.A. will be resisted because once they succeed we shall all be back to serfdom.

BLF calls on all the anti imperialist people’s of our land to reject the coup in Brazil. Lets defend national sovereignty. Let’s end imperialism and take back the land!


Zanele Lwana and Lindsay Maasdorp are both BLF Spokespersons

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