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Imperialism’s regime change plot intensifies in Brazil

By BO Editorial

It’s by design that President Dilma Rousseff was impeached yesterday and her replacement by imperialism’s favoured candidate, Vice President Michel Tremer, who will soon plunge Brazil into a bottomless pit of austerity in support of the pro-imperialist agenda of New York, Brussels, London, against the BRICS process is being concluded.

As pointed out by Black Opinion,  “(t)he modus operandi of the imperialist coup plotters is the same across the world.

First they down grade the country to junk status, this intensifies or provokes an economic crisis. Secondly, they blame the economic crisis they have precipitated on to the government or head of state they want gone. Thirdly, they use private owned media (their  own media in other words) to project the government or leaders they want gone as corrupt (often using known corrupt leaders to do so but now present them as crusaders for anti corruption). Fourthly, they fund “social movements”, “NGOs” and opposition right wing political parties to organise street protests exploiting real issues of the people for regime change. Fifthly, they then rig the elections or reject the outcomes of the elections if they dont win and start the cirlce all over again until they win”. (See: Strategies of Regime Change by Imperialism #ZumaMustFall #Dilemma)

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