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No to regime change – Zuma must deliver economic liberation now!

By Zanele Lwana and Lindsay Maasdorp

After twenty two years of democracy whites still own everything in South Africa. We blacks are  poor, hungry and remain landless. 

Whites use their economic power  to buy politicians. Now they want Jacob Zuma gone because they no longer control him. The imperialist sponsored  Zuma must go campaign was created by whites here and oversees. They want to replace Zuma with a president they can control. We must not allow this. No more rotation of politicians without results for us. Changing politicians at the instance of imperialism is a strategy to keep economic power in white hands as we blacks fight each other over nothing.

The problem is not who is the president of the ANC the problem is that the ANC has failed to serve black people in the last twenty two years. Now let us force it to serve us! The ANC already has the political power. It must use it to help blacks now! 

Corrupt white capitalists have illegally removed democratically elected  President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil. They want to do the same in South Africa. They want to destroy BRICS. We must stop this white agenda. We want a Black Agenda now.

Today we ask what do blacks own  after 22 years of democracy? To this end:

. Who own the mines in South Africa?
. Who owns ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank?
. Who owns the land?
. Who owns Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite Checkers, Pep store, Edgars, Markhams and all the other businesses we buy from every day?
. Who owns the media?
. Who owns the furniture shops, the car dealers, the cement factories, the brick making companies?
. Who owns Chicken Licken, Nandos and KFC?
. Who owns the malls?

Did you know that every part of the South African economy is owned by whites?  We blacks own nothing! That is why we are unemployed and poor. We must ask, why are we poor when our country is so rich?

The pro-BRICS process must break the back of white supremacy and monopoly capital. BLF calls on President Zuma to turn the BRICS agenda to serve black interests of economic liberation including radical land redistribution to eliminate racism. 

We say no to regime change, it won’t serve black people. We say Jacob Zuma we want economic liberation Now! It’s time to serve black people. No more white agendas.  Economic liberation now!

Black First Land First (BLF) wants economic liberation for real for black people. Today we commit to make sure there is no illegal regime change but economic liberation for blacks. Let’s fight for the black agenda.

We ask you to join us, lets take action. We know no whites are going to give us money to fight for our liberation. We ask you to donate whatever amount you can into the following account:

Bank: First National Bank

Account Type: Business
Cheque Account

Account Number: 62571202911

Branch: Rosebank

Branch Code: 253-305

Reference: optional (name and telephone number)

Help us to help you. Now it’s time for liberation. No more politics and lies.

Zanele Lwana and Lindsay Maasdorp are both BLF Spokespersons

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