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The Black Body: A Playground of Whiteness

By Lufefe Sopazi

The biggest mistake the youth of 2016 can do is to talk of unity in fragments. At a time when whiteness has consolidated itself and incorporated the black government into its bloc and uses the police to suppress black people and illegitimize their struggle through media propaganda, the black youth has to come together to legitimize their resistance in order to get the backing of the masses. It is essential at this moment we have been waiting for to come together and reason, and pave a line of march.

We see how much the black body has been brought to a level of nothingness. Through police brutality, we see whiteness demonize us and creating us as criminals. We are revolting against an unjust society. An anti-black patriarchal imperialist society that is only geared at oppression of the black race.

Recently we have witnessed students of University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) collide with police in their protest. We have seen how the police have been adamant at suppressing black cries only to defend white individuals who are the ones whose actions should be criminalised. The science of life tells us that where there is oppression of one group of people there will be resistance by the oppressed against the oppressor, but we are not taught that there are limitations to resistance and therefore we will liberate our bodies from injustice BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

The black youth must now, more than ever, unite under the twin banners of #FMF #RMF #OMF, guided by decolonial theory.

It is impossible to fight an organized lie with an organized truth. The end is near only if we organize ourselves and AGREE to unite, only then shall we utilise this moment to our collective benefit and overthrow whiteness. The black youth needs to define in no uncertain terms what they want and go get it.

It cannot be that the students in UKZN are being shot at and we are not angry. It cannot be that UCT has interdicted and suspended students and we are not fuming. It cannot be that UJ has also done the same and still we are going on with life as if nothing has happened. Policemen rape students at UKZN and no one is mad.

Lastly it is important to say that it is now or never, colonial South Africa cannot survive 2016 (The year of black students) without a certain amount of baptism in the form of FIRE!!! Thomas Sankara once said “One cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness” and therefore the call has been made unto those who support the liberation of black people to come forward in the creation of a new society.


Lufefe Sopazi is a student at the University of Fort Hare

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