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Julius Malema is a servant of white monopoly capital

By Andile Mngxitama

Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have come out on the side of white monopoly capital in the battle for control over the Treasury. This is consistent with the EFF agenda since it visited London in 2015 and met with representatives of British imperialism like Lord Robin Renwick. EFF leader Julius Malema told parliament that the reason why EFF has gone into coalition with the racist pro-white capital, Democratic Alliance (DA) was to give South Africa to whites for safeguarding. This shocked only those who don’t know that the EFF sings from the hymn book of London.

Malema uses radical rhetoric to justify reactionary pro-white politics. Recently he plagiarized the progressive narrative which has been developed by the Black First Land First (BLF) movement that the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, is appointed and captured by white capital. BLF has opened both a criminal case and lodged a complaint with the Public Protector against white capital for “state capture”. These cases are about how white capital has used Pravin Gordhan to capture the Treasury.

Furthermore, progressive independent publications such as Black Opinion and Uncensored have been running reports on how Gordhan is compromised and conflicted through his multiple shareholding in the same white owned companies which forced the ANC to appoint him. Gordhan’s criminal activities during his tenure in SARS are now a matter of public knowledge and the HAWKS may pounce on him anytime.

Malema recently came out repeating the correct narrative that Gordhan is compromised and captured. Quickly after saying Gordhan is captured, Malema came out to declare that he prefers Gordhan over President Zuma.

In this way Malema chooses to defend white monopoly capital by electing to defend its agent Pravin Gordhan so that the white monopoly capture of the Treasury can continue. Now it is clear that he did this to try and kill the growing awareness that Gordhan is captured by white capital.gordhan

Malema hates black people who are accused of corruption (even wrongly as we know) but he is happy to let white monopoly capital loot Treasury. Malema and the EFF are only against the so-called “state capture” by blacks. That is why the EFF has never occupied ABSA as it promised, nor has it ever called for Lonmin to go. EFF has no problem sharing a platform with the London based Lonmin, despite the fact that the workers of Marikana were killed to protect the profits of Lonmin.


The coalition between the DA and the EFF, which is called DAEFF, is about protecting white monopoly capital and land thieves. Malema plagiarizes radical rhetoric to defend white monopoly capital. He is captured by the same white global forces which have captured Gordhan – including by Johann Rupert who has stolen billions from Treasury in the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). Malema and Gordhan both protect Rupert using different methods.

EFF has now openly yet again sided with white monopoly capital and land thieves. Choosing Pravin Gordhan is choosing to serve white capital.

BLF is clear and consistent in calling for Pravin Gordhan to go. He is a Minister of White Settler Monopoly Capital.

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