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The Truth: Why Dudu Myeni is under attack 

By BO Staff Writer

The white owned media has launched a sustained campaign of slander against Dudu Myeni, the Chairperson of the South African Airways (SAA). This campaign has been given a new lease of life by the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) media grand standing about instituting a court process to challenge Myeni’s re-appointment as Chairperson of the SAA Board. Needless to say, the DA objections are spurious, vexatious and illogical to the core. They are without any substance or truth, except as a rich pond of falsity and racist innuendo from which the equally anti black media can endlessly fish from.

Any unbiased court of law shall throw out the racist verbiage paraded by the DA as if its the truth. Off course, that depends on whether the matter will ever proceed beyond the media stunts designed to damage Myeni and keep her busy fending off a determined media ready to push the racist narrative that she is not deserving of the position she holds at SAA. The racist narrative in this country is that certain strategic assets must never be managed by blacks.

Below we enumerate a non-exhaustive list of reasons as to why the white owned media has a vendetta against Dudu Myeni:

Last week, addressing an open meeting that was called by Black First Land First (BLF) which was  attended by several civil society organizations, Myeni dropped a bombshell. She said, “I am incompetent because R24bn must benefit black South Africans, I am also incompetent because I have seen the reason why the airline was losing money,”

Black Opinion investigations have found that the SAA annual procurement budget is R24 billion! A shocking fact is that 98% of this budget goes to white companies. Myeni questioned this racist pattern of spending the procurement budget. Sources say that Myeni demanded changes and to this end has angered white businesses who in turn also own the media that was unleashed upon her. It’s an insult to the black people of this country that the SAA, a State Owned Entity, spends only 2% of its annual budget on black businesses after 22 years into democracy.

Black Opinion has also discovered that Myeni had instituted an anti-corruption process which has revealed, amongst other things, that SAA was losing R100 billion a month in one of its foreign outposts (BO has the name and country of this out post). Basically, SAA was doing ticket sales of up to R100 million a month but that money never found its way to the SAA bank account.

Myeni has put an end to this massive theft by whites. This has sparked resistance inside SAA, which has also led to resignations and an increased media assault on her. Sources say that the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, knows about these findings and savings but from his hostility towards Myeni it looks like he is not happy about her efforts to turn SAA around.

The media has emphasized a lie that the woeful state of finances of SAA were caused by Dudu Myeni’s leadership. The truth shows quite a different picture. In fact, most of the problems of SAA are traceable to the tenure of a corrupt white man, Coleman Andrews, as CEO of the said airlines. Andrews wreaked deep harm to SAA, paid himself a whopping R200 million handshake and then left the ailing and bankrupt institution.

Coleman Andrews didnt leave with just the R200 million in his pocket. He also made sure that SAA shall remain a dependent milking cow for white businesses. The media has not revealed that during Andrew’s tenure as CEO of SAA he engaged in what can only be described as a massive looting exercise. Andrews found SAA having its own  fleet of aircrafts. In a brazen mass stripping exercise of SAA assets, Andrews sold the SAA aircrafts. 

Yes, that’s what Andrews did. He sold the tools of the SAA trade! But here is the evil detail in the story never told by the white owned media – the very same aircrafts that were sold by Andrews were then leased back to SAA through foreign owned companies. Do pause and contemplate upon what you have just read.

What is clear is that Dudu Myeni is a stumbling block to the looting at SAA. Those who have eaten the carrier to the ground want Myeni out so that the white evil feast can continue in the glaring white entitlement to steal from the public with total impunity. Basically, Myeni is punished for doing the right thing!

See more truth this week about the SAA and the attack on Dudu Myeni, only on BO.

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