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Recent non exhaustive timeline on Mngxitama’s consistency of black unity against white monopoly capital including racism

By Yerushka Chetty

2012/2013 – Andile Mngxitama defends Mamphela Ramphele against attacks from Jared Sacks who claimed inter alia that “Biko would not vote for Ramphele”. Politically Mamphele and Mngxitama do not share the same perspective but Mngxitama pointed out that Sacks has “no right to brazenly distort Biko’s ideas to assault Mamphela Ramphele”. Mngxitama consequently lost his job because he defended Mamphela. The BC block applauded him for his stance.

2013 – Andile Mngxitama argues that the BPPA (Black Power Pan Afrikanist) block should join EFF on the condition that it focuses on destroying white racist monopoly capital and is committed to creating a new anti racist society that’s socialist and black centred. He defended Julius Malema who is considered a house negro by the BPPA block saying that since Malema has chosen to fight with us for, amongst other things, expropriation of land without compensation outside the ANC (who were pushing a willing buyer willing seller policy on land) we must welcome him to the ranks of the revolution and defend him. It was further argued that should Malema go against the non negotiable principles agreed upon we must only then reject him.

2014 – When Mmusi Maimane was attacked by racist white MPs, Julius Malema took the decision to defend Maimane against racists even though Maimane is head of the racist DA. To this end Julius Malema referenced Andile Mngxitama’s writings on defending black people (even house negroes) who are attacked by racists.

2014 – Andile Mngxitama defends the house negro, Lindiwe Mazibuko, against racist attacks with support from the EFF. Mngxitama insists that we must not allow black people to be attacked by white racists. We must not be used by white people to fight black people for white people’s benefit.

2015 – Andile Mngxitama sends out a revolutionary call to black people to unite under one umbrella to fight white monopoly capital and thereby announces the birth of Black First Land First.

2016 – BLF led by Mngxitama lodged a complaint relating to Penny Sparrow’s racist utterances with the Human Rights Commission and also preferred a charge of racism against Sparrow in the Equality Court of South Africa. The relief sought “includes the criminalization of racism with the provision that “blacks can’t be racist” as well as the return of the land to the black majority without any compensation to the colonial thieves!”

2016 – BLF led by Andile Mngxitama supported SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s policy directive that all 18 SABC radio stations shall be playing 90% local music. Motsoeneng’s “visionary and courageous leadership” was applauded by Mngxitama who referred to his policy decision as “one of the first few policies which is unapologetically pro-black since 1994”. Mngxitama’s support for Motsoeneng came in the face of ridicule and contempt by the white owned media “through their black captured journalists”. He called upon all black managers to study and emulate Motsoeneng’s black first style of management, more especially his approach to transformation.

2016 – Imperialist interests were deeply angered when the now Gupta owned Optimal Coal concluded a contract with Eskom to supply 5% of its coal needs. To this end Mngxitama asked the white owned media why it is not interested in the remaining 95% white owned coal suppliers of Eskom. The black truth is that the problem started when the Gupta owned Oakbay Investments outdid the Swiss conglomerate Glencore and bought their business Optimal Coal. To this end Glencore had been trying to blackmail Eskom by withdrawing its coal supply with the intention of plunging South Africa into load shedding so that they could consequently force Eskom to buy its coal at a more inflated price which in turn would have been beyond the prior agreement concluded between them. Via the insight and expertise of the Eskom CEO Brian Molefe the vicious criminal scheme of Glencore was stopped in its tracks and in this respect it (Glencore) was compelled to sell Optimal Coal to the Guptas. In this regard BLF led by Mngxitama was first to expose the white imperialist hand of corruption in the consequent campaigns calling for Zuma (who was alleged to be “too close” to the Guptas) and the Guptas to go. Mngxitama was also instrumental in clarifying and locating President Zuma, the Guptas and Brian Molefe, amongst others, as part of the BRICS anti imperialist agenda that in turn needs to be defended against the Washington, London, Brussels, European Union pro imperialist agenda. The imperialist agenda seeks to remove President Zuma from office and replace him with their preferred choice Cyril Ramaphosa – just like it had done in Brazil when the democratically elected President Dilma Rousseff was impeached.

2016 – BLF under the leadership of Andile Mngxitama launches the following campaigns against white corruption and other economic crimes:

1. Recovery of #R26billion stolen by white capital from the South African Reserve Bank (R3.2bn from Absa, R3bn to R6bn from Sanlam and Rembrandt, up to R5.5bn from Aerospatiale/Daimler-Chrysler and R14.4 billion from ARMSCOR)

2. 22 criminal charges against former State President FW de Klerk and former Minister of Law and Order Adriaan Vlok, for crimes committed against black people for which perpetrators didn’t get amnesty.

3. State capture by white capital implicating 9 white capitalists led by Johann Rupert.

2016 – Andile Mngxitama writes an open letter to Julius Malema asking him not go into coalition with the racist DA but to instead form an alliance with the ANC so as to force it to answer the big question of land return to blacks. Mngxitama pointed out that the 2016 LGE had put the EFF in a powerful position “to set a national agenda in South Africa” and that the “EFF can choose to (either)use it to advance the revolution or to strengthen the hand of white supremacy”.

2016 – Andile Mngxitama representing BLF launches the #HandsOffZumaEconomicLiberationNow campaign that focuses on forcing President Zuma to fight imperialism and take back the economy including the land without payment to the colonial land thieves, amongst other demands. This campaign was launched in the context of Zuma being under attack from local white capital and for pushing the anti imperialist BRICS agenda. The campaign is clear on black people defending President Zuma against white racist imperialist attacks.

2016 – BLF led by Mngxitama called a meeting (which was attended by several civil society organizations) at which the Chairperson of SAA, Dudu Myeni, pointed out that she was being branded as incompetent because she insisted that the procurement budget of R24bn must benefit blacks and that she had got to the bottom of “why the airline was losing money”. In this regard BLF via Mngxitama found and exposed the following relating to SAA including the white owned media’s silence thereon:

98% of the SAA’s annual procurement budget of R24 billion goes to white companies and that only 2% is spent on black businesses.

Myeni’s anti-corruption process has shown that SAA was running at a loss of R100 billion per month via one of its “foreign outposts” and ticket sales of about R100 million per month was never deposited into the SAA bank account.

Coleman Andrews when he was CEO of SAA, bankrupted the institution by illegally paying himself R200 million before leaving the airlines. He was also complicit in the looting of SAA core assets in that he sold the airlines’ fleet of aircraft which in turn was subsequently “leased back to SAA through foreign owned companies”.

The decision of the Democratic Alliance (DA) to institute court proceedings challenging the re-appointment of Myeni as Chairperson of the SAA Board is baseless and devoid of the truth. Dudu Myeni is being attacked by white capital because of her role in stopping white corruption at SAA and thereby pushing a transformation agenda putting blacks first.


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Yerushka Chetty is the National Coordinator of Black First Land First

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