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The Black First Land First-Student Movement (BLF-SM) Says Hands Off President Zuma-Economic Liberation Now!

By Black First Land First-Student Movement

Inspired by the relationship South African Students Organisation (SASO) and Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) enjoyed, it is almost unnecessary for BLF-SM to reiterate the message Hands Off Zuma-Economic Liberation Now! implored by the broader BLF movement. Nevertheless, such is the nature of the political arena in 2016, that we as the student component take time to inforce the position that no black person who comes under attack by white-power, regardless of the relationship between that black person and broader black community; will be left or handed over to be lynched by white-people and/or those in service of whiteness.

BLF-SM has consistently given ideological clarity throughout the broader #FeesMustFall movement, and the base has always been located in Black Consciousness as a response to white-power. BLF-SM has rejected the #ThisFlag campaign as an imperial attack on President Robert Mugabe, berating a small #RMF component for loosely siding with imperial forces. BLF-SM also directed and applauded the rejection of the #ZumaMustFall campaign as one which equally serves white interests. Both these campaigns are sponsored by the West to unseat elected presidents, and to respectively reverse the land revolution and stop the economic rebellion against the West. They are no different from the West’s campaign against President Dilma Rousseff, who was unseated in Brazil. In Brazil the youth’s inability and failure to locate the enemy, Western imperialism, and give direction saw the demise of Rousseff and has placed Brazil on a slippery slope, albeit that BRICS can rescue Brazil if it is defended from further attack.

Locating the black struggle within the internationalist outlook, we take lessons from Brazil, noting that the West seeks to deal decisively with all those who show shimmers of descent against Western imperial power. The attack on President Zuma by Western imperial power comes at a time when BRICS consolidates itself as a legitimate alternative to International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, and where multi-million rand transnational energy deals have went the way of the East opposed to the West. The further consideration is that locally the colonial administrators, Rupert and co, now face pressure from the Guptas who have chiseled away at their stake, albeit mouse like bites. State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) are now headed by persons who are exposing and cutting back at white-corruption, limiting the looting by white capitalists.

BLF-SM has long noted that the contestation of the South African economy has in the main not served the black majority, but currently positions President Zuma and a small minority as beneficiaries. The BLF-SM has further noted that no aspects of the intersectional black struggle is in the imagination of why the coup curators respond to President Zuma, or how they respond. Thus we believe that it is opportunistic of any movement in service of white power, or white power itself to use the legitimate black oppression as rallying points that will ultimately serve white interests.

White power traditionally uses any means to splinter and fragment the black block to serve its own interests. This has been the case with homeland leaders during apartheid, as well as with internal tribal wars supplementing the Anglo-Boer War. It sees not president or pauper. It cares not about house-negro or field negro. It simply drags a non-being, places it as a puppet to perversely position itself to plunder from a broken black “people”.

A black people, who are truly black first must thus fundamentally reject any white pretense of dealing with black peoples problems. Such pretense is wrapped in the clothes of black pain, seducing the oppressed black “beings” into the very arms of the oppressor. White aspirations, in this case #ZumaMustFall is about reconfiguring white power; which in and of itself is Black People Must Fall, or better said, Black People Must Remain 6ft under. The attack on Zuma, by imperial power is an attack on all black people, to maintain white stranglehold on this country currently known as South Africa, by ensuring it moves away from BRICS and solidifies white-monopoly control via privatisation of SOEs and the changing of presidents without wrestling with colonial patterns of ownership takes black people no closer to liberation.

BLF-SM recognises that it is unpopular to defend President Zuma, especially at a time when black pain is festering. To be black conscious in a white first world is always the “less enlightened” view. BLF-SM is resolute that we will not be part of the attack on the black majority, by the west and its allies. We will not be remembered for taking an anti-black position that fails to put the black majority first. Therefore at the level of symbolism which is rooted in the life that was ie slavery; what does it mean for a Black Consciousness adherent, Pan Afrikanist, or Black Radical Feminist to drum in unison with white invaders for the lynching of a non-white sister or brother? Is being a house-negro in the gaze of the master an unblackening experience? Our answer is an emphatic No, hence our defense of Zuma, who we believe is a perfect example of a house-negro, but not a house negro who should be punished by whites. We shall speak for ourselves. We shall give revolutionary justice to black traitors on our own terms.

Fanon warns us, “No one has clean hands; there are no innocents and no onlookers. We all have dirty hands; we are all soiling them in the swamps of our country and in our terrifying emptiness of our brains. Every onlooker is either a coward or a traitor.”

Remembering this, we want to remind the broader Fees Must Fall movement, that the continual posturing toward neutrality is not only mythical but cowardice or that of a traitor. We are fighting white power, neutrality by extension chooses whiteness. As those who profess to be thinkers, the ones who are dreaming of a new society, it is our duty to direct the broader black community; the ones oppressed by nyaope, those stuck in religious institutions, and them who are travelling at 4am with no time to think about black liberation. To take a position that is unequivocally black first, cuts through the heart of whiteness, but as with all double sided swords, it chastises us within the intersectional black block.

In conclusion, BLF-SM will continue to defend any and every black person, including President Zuma, when attacked by whites. Simultaneously we will demand practically that President Zuma deliver Land, Economic Liberation, a Living Wage, Reparations for the Marikana Miners, Insourcing of Workers and Free Black Centered Socialist Education Now!

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