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DA to reward Thuli Mandonsela

By BO Staff Writer

Over the weekend all the newspapers owned by Johann Rupert have come out with reports that the Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Mandonsela, is in a big rush to conclude the Democratic Alliance (DA) complaint of the so-called state capture by the Gupta family. Madonsela has just a few weeks left to serve as Public Protector and is destined to give the DA one more big political gift before she leaves her office.

Sources say that Advocate Madonsela has been promised a big political role for the 2019 elections by the DA. It seems that in a quid pro quo type of arrangement Madonsela, in exchange for the gift, has dedicated herself to prioritizing the baseless DA complaint that is in turn set to provide the DA with huge political mileage. In an open indication of how the investigation is prejudged, Madonsela has interviewed only those whose have been making unsubstantiated allegations such as Vytjie Mentoor, Mcebisi Jonas and Themba Maseko. These characters failed to provide any evidence to the ANC process that was established to investigate claims that the state may have been captured by business people but continue the media crusade which shall evidently be given respectability by the Public Protector. Madonsela has not interviewed the Gupta family and doesn’t seem to be planning to do so either.

Image: Email from Thuli Madonsela to Ilka Rodriguez (CIA Operative)

Advocate Madonsela has been accused of using the Office of the Public Protector (OPP) as a political tool for regime change. A criminal case has been opened against her for abusing her office. Organizations such as Black First Land First (BLF) have repeatedly indicated that Madonsela ignores complaints of corruption against white capital. To this end she is accused of being a Public Protector of white capital.

How Madonsela has conducted herself gives credence to old claims of her links with the CIA. These claims have surfaced again in recent weeks in the blogosphere.

Madonsela seems to have joined hands with Pravin Gordhan who is leading the anti BRICS pro western neo liberal regime change agenda against President Zuma. In a show of mutual support, Gordhan has made an emergency allocation of R1.5 million for the anti Gupta investigation but the same Treasury that he heads claims bankruptcy when it comes to funding free education.

Advocate Madonsela has put the complaint, of state capture by white capital lodged by BLF with her office almost the same time as the DA complaint was, under the table. It is self evident that the OPP is not interested at all in the investigation relating to the said complaint judging by its attitude from the last meeting it held with BLF. From that meeting it was clear that the OPP had not even read the statements submitted in writing by BLF. They consequently ask for things that are already in the statement. “It’s a shame and a sick joke”, said the BLF who have lost all trust in Thuli Mandosela.

The question of how big Advocate Madonsela’s gift to the DA will be, shall come from her last big act to serve white capital. The nation shall also wait and see what equally big reward awaits her from the DA and white capital which she has served so diligently. Those who hope that Advocate Madonsela would do anything about the R26 billion stolen by whites will hope in vain – she is not interested in that matter simply because it stands to expose white corruption.

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