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Hands off Andile – a supporter’s view in defence of Mngxitama 

By Zama Khumalo

For me it came all of a sudden that Pastor Xola Skosana said this thing that he said and I read it but I didn’t honestly get what the pastor was saying concerning the #HandsOffZumaCampaign. 

It appears he doesn’t like the campaign because he says the person being protected is a rapist as well as a murderer. 

“Zuma is too much of a liability to build a campaign around,” Skosana lambasted. 

“It is our interest in BC and the Pan Africanist socialist block anyway that Zuma and the ANC must fall in order for us to deal effectively with white power”, Skosana said. 

By “us” in the line “in order for us to deal effectively with white power”, Pastor Skosana refers to us black people. 

He wants us to organise in the Black Consciousness and Pan Afrikanist block and in our collective effort crash Zuma and the ANC. 

Therefore, for Andile Mngxitama to use Zuma “in order to highlight a principle is seriously misfiring,” Skosana told Mngxitama. 

“To us Zuma is a non-white, a rapist, a murderer of Marikana workers and has committed all sorts of unforgivable sins against black people,” the pastor hit out. 

He added: “So the debate should not be at the level of ideology but at the level of tactics and strategy”. 

Then there was this thing about the “guilty association” in Skosana’s take, which for me, a supporter of Mngxism, doesn’t make sense, since the reasons given by the pastor for not protecting Zuma do not make sense themselves. 

First of all Mngxitama never said we should support Zuma under those reasons put by Skosana – being a murder, rapist and all that any living human being can list down – but instead Mngxitama said that as black people we should not allow whites to tell us which person we must fight at a particular time. 

Skosana failed dismally to see Mngxitama’s campaign not as a support for a “rapist” and “murderer” but a campaign that defies whites totally. 

During apartheid a leader like Mngxitama would be murdered by people like Skosana because of doing something totally different – banning whites as Biko did in black movements. To this end, as is also evidenced by the history of Marcus Garvey, the leader is seen as a sick person who must be killed immediately. 

So Mngxitama chose to fight whites using the man (Zuma) they hate and blacks 
themselves don’t know whether they love or hate that person if whites are not saying anything about him. Once whites use the media they own to take a particular side, the majority of blacks, who they oppress, brainwash, kill and hate, also take that side. 

Mngxitama, the intellectual I know, was not going to embark on this campaign had Zuma enjoyed the support of whites. He recently celebrated when Beyonce irked whites, wishing he could hug the musician after she put on Black Panther clothes. He is known for taking the side of people who are victimised by whites, including the recently removed Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. He is also a hardcore Mugabe and Sobukwe fan. 

Both Mugabe and Sobukwe, like Zuma, are given bad publicity in the white media and that makes it hard for most blacks to understand whose actions are serving the people ultimately. In this regard they struggle to see the difference between the agenda of the movement called “This Flag” and that of Mugabe and consequently who should rule.

But what I like about Andile is that he makes a distinction between the BRICS block (formed by victims of western power) and the Western gangs. He then deals with this, without exaggeration or distortion, as it impacts on the national and world political situations.

Mngxitama hates the agenda of the DA – the agenda of good governance without land for black South Africans. But let us hear from the horse’s mouth as to why he said he decided to launch the #HandsOffZumaEconomicLiberationNow Campaign:

“BLF believes that the focus on Zuma is a misdiagnosis of the problem and a strategy to keep us busy with peripheral battles to protect white capital and the colonial structure of society and the economy. The same delaying and deflection strategy was undertaken when Thabo Mbeki was removed as president. The same forces which removed Mbeki are now mobilizing society to remove Zuma before his term ends. This is playing politics with the lives of our people by presenting false solutions. …

The problem is not who is the president of the ANC. The problem is how the ANC has failed to serve black people. Now we must resist the repeat of meaningless battles about who must be president. We must mobilise against imperialism by demanding radical change”.

Basically, what most don’t notice is that Mngxitama hates this thing of us starting afresh in this context. Instead, he proposes to all of us as black people that because the ANC has “minimal political power” it would be wise, instead of  re-mobilising, “to force it to use it in the interest of the black majority” now. Furthermore, Mngxitama points out that replacing Zuma with a puppet president would not solve our problems. He urges Zuma to do “EconomicLiberationNow” given the current brewing tensions between him and whites. 

So Hands Off Andile. Zuma must do it now.

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