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Three campaigns! One supported by white monopoly capital – other two are not! 

By Yerushka Chetty

There are 3 major campaigns taking place at present in South Africa – one has the backing of white monopoly capital and western imperialism, the other two don’t. Let’s consider what the people stand to benefit and or lose in the event of the success of each of these.

1. #ZumaMustGo #StateCaptureByGuptas

This campaign is aimed at removing Jacob Zuma as President of the country and replacing him with a pro western imperialist puppet under the guise of fighting corruption. This campaign is heavily sponsored by white settler monopoly capital and its global wing, western imperialism? 

Currently the state, which is captured by white capital, is in a relatively weaker position with Zuma as the head of State. The question is, what will the people get if Zuma is removed and replaced by a puppet of western imperialism? Apart from superficial emotional satisfaction –  nothing! State capture by white monopoly capital (the practical operation of white supremacy) will be consolidated and strengthened. This will further ensure the smooth running of the structural logic of white supremacy. The means that the structure that enables a firm hold on state power and its symptom – corruption – stays intact. This further suggests that harder times under naked racism awaits the country’s black majority. 

2.  #BLFforR26billion #BLFAgainstWhiteStateCapture

This is a double pronged but related campaign. Firstly, it seeks the return of the R26 billion stolen from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) by apartheid era white capitalist criminals. The stolen R26 billion is constituted as follows: R3.2 billion (ABSA); R3 billion (Sanlam/Rembrandt); R5.5 billion (Daimler Chrysler); and R14.4 billion (Amscor). 

The Public Protector (Advocate Thuli Madonsela), on whose desk the complaint of the stolen R26 billion has been sitting for the past five years, refuses to investigate the matter and finalise her report in this respect. To this end Black First Land First (BLF) has since last year been trying to get the Public Public to finalise her investigation and release her report. 

Secondly, the campaign seeks to expose the fact that the real enemy of the people is white settler monopoly capital and its international wing, western imperialism – which has captured the SA state – and not President Zuma and the Guptas as the real enemy would have us believe. To this end the campaign lists 9 white capitalists against whom BLF has laid a complaint with the Public Protector of state capture, namely: SA Businessman and Chairman of Swiss luxury group Richemont , Johann Rupert; Barclays Africa Group Chief Executive Officer, Maria Ramos; Goldman Sachs’ South Africa head, Colin Coleman; Investec Bank’s global CEO, Stephen Koseff; Imperial Holdings’ CEO, Mark Lamberti;  Sanlam CEO, Ian Kirk;  Business Leadership South Africa chairperson, Bobby Godsell;  Toyota Europe CEO Johan van Zyl; and First Rand CEO, Johan Burger. Here too the Public Protector refuses to investigate the complaint. Criminal charges of corruption were also preferred against the said 9 white capitalists by the BLF. The criminal charges are currently being investigated by the HAWKS. 

The ultimate aim of this campaign is to raise the cultural level of the people so as to get them to focus on and destroy the real enemy of the people being  white settler monopoly capital and western imperialism.

What will South Africans get from the realization of this campaign.  R26billion stolen in early 1990s is estimated to be worth R60 billion today. This money should be deployed as a contribution towards free quality education and unemployed youth empowerment. 

The BLF has made a call on all progressive people and organizations to support a peaceful march this Thursday, 6 October 2016. The march will start at the parking area in front of University of Pretoria at 10 am and proceed to the Office of the Public Protector at the Hillcrest Office Park, 175 Lunnon Street, Pretoria. The March is about fighting white state capture and about demanding the return of the stolen R26 billion! 

3. #FeesMustFall 

This realization of this campaign suggests the delivery of Free Decolonised Education. The campaign is not limited to tertiary education but is inclusive of education from early childhood development to primary and secondary school. 

What will the people get out of this: 

Free decolonised education will benefit all South Africans. The cost of quality education from pre primary to tertiary is too high. Parents are paying R3000 plus a month to access quality education for their children in pre primary school yet most black South Africans are either unemployed or earning less than R3000 a month! 

Let’s put our efforts into campaigns we are sure to get something from in the interests of the people as a whole.

Yerushka Chetty is the National Coordinator of Black First Land First

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