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BLF 14 pickets overnight at Public Protector’s Office

By Zanele Lwana

Black First Land First (BLF) concluded its march to the Public Protector’s Office yesterday. The police blocked the march for over an hour from entering the Public Protector’s Office. This was a desperate attempt to intimidate BLF members. Then the Deputy Public Protector, Kevin Malunga, tried to address the march from the street and this was rejected. Eventually, the marchers were allowed into the prencint.

The memorandum was read by the Deputy National Convener, Comrade Zanele Lwana. The demands of the memorandum were inter alia that the Public Protector include the full R26 billion in her investigation or she must leave the whole process to the incoming Public Protector.

The second demand was around the BLF complaint of state capture by Johann Rupert and eight others. BLF is clear that the Public Protector must expand the terms of reference of the probe on the Guptas to include the whites who are accused of engaging in acts of state capture. There is no basis at all to treat the matter separately. We repeat, if the Public Protector is unable to include Johann Rupert and the 8 others into the probe of state capture then she must also leave the matter to be concluded by the incoming Public Protector .

BLF members marching to the Public Protector’s office in Pretoria.

The Deputy Public Protector told the march that the Public Protector is not at the office to take the memorandum. BLF then refused to submit the memorandum to the Deputy Public Protector and decided to delegate 14 members to picket at the Public Protector’s Office overnight and wait there for her. The campaign shall continue until the Public Protector responds to our demands.

The police are here and keeping a safe distance. The 14 BLF members are determined to wait for the Public Protector whilst picketing.

BLF is encouraged by the positive response that it’s call to march received from communities and progressive people of our country.

The struggle against white settler capital continues.

Zanele Lwana is the Deputy National Convenor of Black First Land First

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