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Thuli Madonsela hiding behind her racist landlord

By Zanele Lwana

The office of the Public Protector is trying to intimidate the media into reporting a lie where she hides behind her racist landlord. The call by her office to media houses like SABC and others to correct their reporting on the BLF being evicted from their peaceful picket is an attempt to use her exaggerated integrity to silence the truth.

BLF’s response to Advocate Madonsela’s attempts to muzzle the media is that the landlord brought the application on behalf of the tenants who are listed in the court papers. This includes the office of the Public Protector alongside major banks.

The material fact is that BLF was picketing against the Public Protector. If the Public Protector was against the application she should have stopped the landlord from trying to stop a legal and peacefull process. Knowing Madonsela, she would be gloating had the court granted the application to ban the BLF picket. Advocate Madonsela doesn’t want BLF picketting, she doesn’t want to deal with the call to address the R26 billion stolen by Johann Rupert and other bankers. Furthermore, she is protecting the 9 white capitalists who BLF has lodged complaints of regime change against.

It would seem that Advocate Madonsela is committed to defending white capital by any means necessary including deception. Judge Deidericks had many harsh words against the office of the Public Protector. There was no confusion in the mind of the judge that the application was in essence about the public protector and on her behalf. Her landlord tried to help her silence BLF but failed.

The question to be asked of the Public Protector is what is her office doing in a private property? She can’t hide behind her racist landlord to try silence the legitimate right to protest. The second question is why is Advocate Madonsela refusing to meet BLF and deal with its concerns? Why is the Public Protector not including the whole R26 billion in her investigation of the funds stolen from the Reserve Bank by amongst others, Johann Rupert? Why is Advocate Madonsela refusing to include the complaint of state capture by Johann Rupert, Maria Ramos and 7 others in the probe she is rushing to conclude on the Gupta family. It’s the same complaint. She is rushing to serve the Democratic Alliance (DA) but would not dare investigate white capital.

BLF believes Advocate Madonsela is in a hurry to issue a report as a political gift to the DA which shall in turn reward her with political appointment as in 2019.

The BLF is convinced that the probe into ABSA shall absolve the bank of any wrong doing because Advocate Madonsela is the Public Protector of White capital. The investigation is a whitewash.

BLF is aware of letters of concern written to the Public Protector pleading with her not to be biased by some of the critical investigators associated with the R26 billion.

Similarly on state capture, a
Advocate Madonsela has resorted to lying, including saying BLF has not laid a complaint against specific people; this is a lie. The Public Protector was given a statement of evidence naming the individuals who have broken the law and usurped the powers of the President. But because they are white she is not interested. The Public Protector has been dishonorable in her conduct which is all calculated to protect white capital and serve the DA.

BLF calls on the Public Protector not to release incomplete, biased and rushed reports and allow the incoming Public Protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, to do a comprehensive investigation covering all claims of wrong doing.

It would help if the Public Protector would stopped misleading the country, she has done enough damage already.


12 October 2016

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