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Letter to Gordhan from Jeff Koorbanally

By Jeff Koorbanally

Dear Hon Pravin Gordhan

Herewith, is my final bomb! I wish to drop on you, as the most dubious Finance Minister with conflict of interest.

Let it be known to the public of this country that:

May 2011, your “Spiderweb Handler” Maria Ramos (ABSA/Barclays CEO) was in a total panic after I officially lodged the Surtie claim with ABSA, and threatened her & Louis Von Zeaner with criminal charges, she immediately alerted both You & Gill Marcus.

Yours & Gill Marcus’ advise to her was to try and derail the claim and discredit it at whatever cost, most importantly to find a way of getting rid of me!

Maria Ramos then immediately sent two ABSA bank forensics to try and trace the Surtie Family (wife of the deceased) who was the heir of the estate that they had forced me to register.

When the Surtie Family was brought to ABSA head office for the meeting the agenda was:

“Terminate Mr Koorbanally’s power of Attorney & the bank ABSA will assist you with the claim as the bank prefers to work direct with the Principal.”

There is a sworn affidavit with the law enforcement in this regard, one from myself, the other from the Surtie Family.

I also place on record that all the allegations put to you in this matter, were also all put in a sworn affidavit in my presentation to the law enforcement, the very ones that have charged you for fraud.

Again I make a call to you, for the protection of the integrity of our Treasury, do the honorable thing as you are conflicted!


Jeff Koorbanally

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