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AmaBhungane the bull dogs of white capital

By BO Staff Writer

For far too long, the apartheid spy-infested so-called amaBhungane have escaped critical scrutiny.

The outfit has presented itself as a legitimate investigative journalism group and the public has accepted it as such. But who are the amaBhungane? Who funds them and why are some of their most “experienced” members known apartheid spies? What is their actual agenda and why are they never interested in white corruption? And finally, what is their relationship with the Daily Maverick?

Anyone who would honestly follow these questions will come to the conclusion that the amaBhungane are nothing but a mafia gang-like group which is essentially the media hit-man of settler white capital. One of its key members, Sam Sole, is allegedly a former apartheid spy who has been deeply involved in the illegal SARS rogue unit which was set up under Pravin Gordhan’s tenure at SARS. Now the same amaBhungane are on a “defend Pravin at all cost” crusade. Sole has a direct interest in squashing the SARS “rogue unit” investigation being pursued further and the best defence is to make sure that Gordhan doesn’t have his day in court.

Sam Sole
Sam Sole

It is clear that amaBhugane are involved in the state capture wars and fighting in the corner of white capital by manufacturing stories every week against the Gupta family and President Jacob Zuma. They are the media bull dogs of Johann Rupert and his cohort of white settler capitalists. AmaBhungane have found, amongst others, a great fellow traveler in Daily Maverick which is unapologetically on the side of white capital.

It must be remembered that Pravin Gordhan was appointed as Minister of Finance after demands by white capital that he be appointed as such. He is an employee of Johann Rupert and Maria Ramos amongst others. A criminal case against Rupert, Ramos and seven others for “state capture” is being investigated by the HAWKS. A similar complaint of state capture has been lodged with the Office of the Public Protector.


The amaBhugane are never going to investigate serious crimes by white capital. They are into regime change for the consolidation of the monopoly over the economy by white capital.

The outfit has found a fertile platform in the Daily Maverick which itself is said to have been set up with millions of rands from white capital. The mandate of Daily Maverick is to defend the interests of white capital under the pretext of practising journalism. Many of its contributors are selected on basis of their anti-Zuma orientation. Contributors who hold a different view are never published.

The bull dogs of white capital are now in a panic mode since fraud charges have been drawn against Pravin Gordhan. The strategy is now to manufacture scandals with the hope of inciting the population against the law enforcement agencies and to ensure that the hands of the law do not touch Pravin Gordhan despite alleged compelling wrong-doing on his part. Furthermore, these forces of white capital do not want to risk going to court. They wish to squash the matter before it is ventilated in court. This explains the protest marches organised by white capital and opposition parties for 2 November 2016 and the media attacks on the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

AmaBhungane are at the centre of the regime change agenda. They serve not journalism but Johann Rupert’s agenda.

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