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Marching in defence of white capital

Media Statement

Black First Land First (BLF) denounces today’s march as a protest in defence of settler monopoly white capital. Earlier in the year Johann Rupert had called for the removal of President Jacob Zuma. Rupert’s treasonous call was endorsed by the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema. To this end Malema went public and asked Rupert to provide funding for the regime change efforts. Today is the realisation of this partnership between white capital and opposition parties in their quest for regime change as has occurred in Brazil.

The march today shall see the realisation of the coalition between the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) and the EFF at the street level. This coalition was hatched in London in October last year. The march to defend Pravin Gordhan, who is the main representative of white capital in government, shows beyond doubt that the agenda of the march is to preserve the racist status quo.

The march has been endorsed and funded by white capital. The 81 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) who pressed the NPA to drop the fraud charges against Gordhan shall also be in the march. It must be remembered that Gordhan was appointed by them and to this end he has shares in their businesses.

As EFF marches with monopoly white capital it must be asked when is it occupying ABSA as it promised before it toured London last October. Now that EFF is marching with ABSA against Zuma the question is, what has changed?

The march today is about consolidating the hand of white capital over the South African economy under the pretext of “saving South Africa”. If black people hope to be beneficiaries in the wealth of the nation then South Africa in fact needs to be saved from white settler monopoly capital.

BLF has lodged a High Court application to have Gordhan declared conflicted, compromised and captured. Furthermore, BLF has opened a criminal case of state capture against 9 white capitalists including Johann Rupert and Maria Ramos who bullied the ANC into appointing Gordhan as Minister of Finance. Moreover the same white companies responsible for state capture have stolen more than R26 billion from the South African Reserve Bank and Gordhan has been protecting them.

South Africa needs to march for transformation and decolonization, not for apartheid and economic slavery.

Students must not be deceived into marching for Gordhan who has been the key stumbling block to free education.


02 November 2016

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