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Van Rooyen vindicated

By BO Staff Writer

The Sunday Times ran a sensational front page report last Sunday about Minister Des van Rooyen visiting the Gupta household 7 nights in a row. This was presented as evidence that van Rooyen was captured. The newspaper told its unsuspecting readers that this was the piece of evidence to sink the Guptas. They even had the usual faceless sources to back up the story.

This Sunday Times report triggered van Rooyen into going back to Court after he had abandoned his interdictory application against the release of the Public Protector’s “state capture” report after he was assured that the said report has no indication of any adverse or negative findings on him. What the white owned media missed out are the reasons given to strike van Rooyen’s subsequent urgent application, to interdict the release of the “state capture” report, off the roll.

Basically, van Rooyen was given confirmation that he is not implicated in any negative way by the findings of the Public Protector’s report. This means that the so-called visits of van Rooyen to the Gupta family have no consequences at all and mean nothing. Van Rooyen can go home and have tea and curry, if he so wished.

The Court decision on this specific issue shows the role of the media in driving toxic agendas against those it considers enemies of white capital. Who will be accounting for the damage done to the name of Minister van Rooyen?

Since we now know that the “state capture” report has no negative finding on van Rooyen whatsoever, it makes one wonder whose evidence did the Public Protector then rely on and how was the link established between the evidence obtained and the conclusions reached in the report. Vytjie Mentor and Mcebisi Jonas are tainted witnesses. This is besides the procedural rights and natural justice matter which shall be ventilated in Court today. Will the Court say that a report which flouted the legal requirements must be published? Will the Court rule that the report, which was rushed and in terms of which no care was given for the rights of those it implicates, be published? These questions shall be clarified by the end of the day.

Whatever happens today in court, van Rooyen is a relaxed man.

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