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What is wrong with Brian Molefe calling or visiting the Guptas?

By Yamkela Fortune Spengane

In 2008 Trevor Manuel (then Minister of Finance) and Maria Ramos (Then CEO of Transnet SOC) got married at the Rupert wine farm in Stellenbosch after their long term relationship (during which they sold V&A Waterfront, which was an asset of the state through Transnet).

Now, Trevor Manuel was Minister of Finance for 13 years between 1996 and 2009, this is public knowledge. In the same time period his wife went from being Director General of the Treasury (1996-2003) to CEO of Transnet (2004-2008) to ABSA/Barclays Africa (2009-Present). When she left treasury she assumed seats on the boards of Sanlam and Remgro and later on Richemont. Sanlam is former parent of Bankorp, which is now ABSA and Remgro is one half of Anton Rupert’s Rembrandt which now belongs to his son, currently the richest South African. The other half is Richemont, which is incorporated in Switzerland and owns luxury brands like Cartier, Piaget, Dunhill (the second largest luxury brands manufacturer after LVMH).

Trevor Manuel and Johann Rupert

Sanlam is the company that gave R1.5 million to Anton Rupert to create the overseas operations of Rembrandt, most of which are now assumed by Richemont.

Now I want to put it to South Africa that there were countless calls between the Ruperts and Manuel and Ramos at the time they both served as public servants. They even got married at the property of the Rupert family. With this information, what is particularly wrong with Brian Molefe calling the Guptas if they have a personal relationship or visiting them at Saxonwold? Is Brian Molefe not allowed to have friends in his personal capacity? This goes for anyone who is accused of calling or visiting the Guptas.

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