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Open Letter to Brian Molefe

By Adil Nchabeleng

Brian Molefe, we congratulate you and the Eskom Board & Management on the bold and stern leadership demonstrated by yourselves in Eskom during these challenging times. The recent Financial Results and achievements of Eskom are impressive.

It is common knowledge that many public institutions in South Africa are used to target and discredit individuals who are fighting for radical economic liberation and the rights of the impoverished black majority. These institutions will in no doubt mount more attacks on you just because you are standing in their way. So do not expect anything less, they are not your friends nor supporters. They will attack you for everything and even fight you against all the good you have done. The path towards transformation and total liberation is not an easy path.

In your speech at the funeral of the late Minister Collins Chabane, you shared great words of wisdom echoed by the late revolutionary leader from Guinea Bissau, Amilcar Cabral, when he said “Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. And claim no easy victories.”

This week alone I saw many of our people celebrating the pain you experienced, people whom I never thought would stoop that low to take joy in your pain. It is sad that our people fail to fight for their rights and yet turn into a nation that foolishly delights in gossip.

All leaders will always be tested no matter what the circumstances. Continue doing the good work and prioritise your focus on transforming our economy.

We have noted with great pride the research report by Duesch Bank which appraises Eskom on its stability and fiscus prudency success. “Eskom has achieved commercial savings in the tune of R17.238bn ($1.3bn) by various coal agreements over the years”. The report of the Bank sheds light and gives great hope.

We cannot sit back while there is so much that needs to be done and achieved to improve our country and the material conditions of our people. The desperate and severe conditions of our people in poverty whom mostly are unskilled and unemployed must be the priority battle in order to transform our economy and country. We have to Transform RSA through rigorous programs targeted at doing away with legacies of past economic discrimination and socio-economic Apartheid. Black (established and emerging) suppliers and service providers and businesses needs to be given fair opportunities and support in order to grow and transform our economic-race imbalances and inequality still prevalent in commerce and within our society in general.

Electricity is a vital lever and catalyst for socio-economic transformation and growth. More power generation and electricity is needed for South Africa’s economy to grow and flourish. We need to build and improve our infrastructure and bring back our industries and manufacturing hubs. To achieve this we need massive energy and electricity generation and supply.

Eskom must lead the vision for a new economy in which energy mix grid and energy efficient grid is the catalyst for growth which will be driven by research, innovation and technology and above all infrastructure development and investment. This will fast track the growth of our economy and position South Africa as a surplus producer of knowledge, goods, products, services, innovation, infrastructure and above all energy and electricity.

We have to do away with the old colonial and Apartheid spatial development which says that blacks will forever be poor and stunted in terms of growth purely on the basis of spatial development that only favours affluent communities and excludes poor people. The worst affected is townships, which are an apartheid spatial development plan grand design.

We need a new vision that will position black people as champions of their own economic growth and development where our people can build new world class cities in villages. New modern cities and towns built from scratch using the abundant currently standing and unused land. This is the driving force for growth and development in today’s world.

We cannot improve on the mess of apartheid and that is why our townships are just labour reservation areas which only houses the most poorest and marginalised people in our society. And of late, townships are just centres of curios and have turned into historically fascinating areas for cheap entertainment for tourists and the affluent in our society. For instance tourism in the Western Cape is hedged on world class wine routes and farms which explicitly exploit black people.

We applaud your effort and the leadership of your team for having turned around Eskom and the results are impressive and highly encouraging. Not long ago SA underwent a massive load shedding crisis. You came into Eskom and lead the SOE out of the load shedding crisis which had created major socio-economic challenges and a slow down of the economy. South Africa, under Eskom management, is in a far better place today than it was before. Keep doing the good work, the revolution demands sacrifice.

We support you and the Eskom Board and the management team and we stand by you.

My last words are “Always remember that you need genuine and loyal friends who are unwavering in their support”. The road ahead is hard and challenging. Keep your hopes high and never succumb to the pressure.

Your Brother in struggle.

Adil Nchabeleng
Transform RSA

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