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Pravin, Gwede, Mthembu coup plans discovered!

By BO Staff Writer

Senior leaders and Members of Parliament of the African National Congress (ANC) were shocked to discover a plan to illegally remove President Jacob Zuma this Thursday, 10 November 2016. The coup was planned along the same modus operandi as the one carried out against the democratically elected President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil earlier in the year. Sources say that 100 ANC MPs have been bought to vote this Thursday with the opposition parties in the motion of no confidence vote proposed by the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Sources say further that the money to buy the 100 ANC MPs was provided by white monopoly capital in particular Johann Rupert who is working actively with the pro-white capital faction controlled from London and lead by Pravin Gordhan. This faction has the support of all the political parties controlled from London such as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the DA.

The unnamed sources say that the leaders of the planned coup are Pravin Gordhan, Gwede Mantashe and Jackson Mthembu who have been recently joined by Dr Mathole Motshekga. While the role of Dr Blade Nzimande and the South African Communist Party (SACP) has not been determined in the plot, it is expected that the SACP MPs will vote with the pro-white capital opposition parties as well.

Until late last night the anti-coup ANC MPs and ministers were hard at work trying to expose the bought 100 ANC MPs and to quell the coup. What makes the task of the patriotic and anti-imperialist group difficult is that senior ANC members are in on the coup including the so-called veterans. Sources say that Minister Fikile Mbalula is one of those working tirelessly to frustrate the coup plotters.

This message was circulating last night in a confidential ANC WhatsApp group. The author of the message is said to be a senior EFF leader who wrote it in a hurry and sent it to some of the plotters:

“- Table motion of no confidence and after debates call for division that must be done through secret voting.

– Secret voting will be accepted and some ANC members will vote with us & some abstain. ANC will loose the votes.

– DA must propose Mmusi Maimane as President which ANC will definitely propose Cyril Ramaphosa. Mathole has helped us to test the ground.

– After nominations, will call for declaration. CIC must speak about Marikana and Cyril

– After the speech, we must push for secret voting for President and some ANC MP’s will vote with us and some will abstain and ANC will loose the vote.

– Mmusi must appoint some of his Executive from us and he has agreed.”

What remains to be seen is whether the ANC caucus which is meant to meet on Thursday at 10am will agree to a secret ballot. If the Pravin, Gwede, Mthembu faction can muster enough votes at the caucus level for a secret ballot, it would confirm the preparedness of the 100 Judases to sell the country to London for thirty pieces of silver.

The EFF has already given whites the main metros. Will they succeed in giving the Presidency to Johann Rupert via the proxy of white capital, Mmusi Maimane?

The truth will be known this Thursday afternoon.

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