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Stellenbosch Mafia king, Johann Rupert, exposes relationship with Malema

By BO Staff Writer

One third of the richest trio in South Africa, Johann Rupert (the other two are Nicky Oppenheimer and Christo Weise respectively), was awarded a Sunday Times Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his contribution to the country’s economy, yesterday. Yes, you heard right! The man who, together with his family, amassed wealth via apartheid and who continues to steal from black people, received an award for doing just that.

In his acceptance speech, Johann Rupert commented on his relationship with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema. Confirming previous reports by Black Opinion, Rupert noted that he had never met Malema but but said if Malema didn’t stop talking about him in public, he would spill the beans about giving him money.

Operating like a true Mafia king, Rupert said he sent Malema a message through an acquaintance. Rupert’s demeanor suggests that he was annoyed by the fact of Malema accepting money from him and then going to the media and denouncing their relationship. Hence, he declared, “so stop lying about me and I won’t lie about our relationship. I’ve never met you but I promise you two can play the game.”

Watch Rupert’s full acceptance speech below. The speech was laced with white racist arrogance and tinges of sarcasm that showed the arrogance of a man who owns everything:

There are two main shocking things about a racist staunch capitalist being offered a Lifetime Achievement award.

1. We need to question why a newspaper, which claims to be a ‘neutral’ and ‘objective’ entity which disseminates information to the public, dishes out awards to businesses and business owners.

If we can agree that big business in South Africa plays a role in the commission of the most atrocious injustices against blacks and poor people (think of the exploitation in the wine farms, the mining sector, domestic workers etc.), and that the role of the news media is to uncover these injustices, how then can a news agency work in uncovering these injustices of the wealthy, when they dine out in fancy hotels and give each other awards?

The Sunday Times (a sister newspaper to the Business Times which reports on big business news – mostly focusing on JSE listed companies) and these awards are true to Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky’s propaganda model about the media. Herman and Chomsky say, “the media serve, and propagandize on behalf of, the powerful societal interests that control and finance them.”

2. Johann Rupert who, according to Forbes, has a networth of more than R75 billion, was given the award for his “contribution to the economy”. Now this – more than anything else – is a spit on the faces of all the Black people in this country whose wealth and prosperity were forcefully taken away by white people during colonialism and apartheid. To this end the looting continues.

Anton Rupert, Johann’s father, actively supported the apartheid regime. He was even endorsed by sections of the National Party (NP) to run as Prime Minister, in a bid to unseat Verwoerd. As we have reported in Black Opinion before, the Ruperts “made their wealth from the direct support of the apartheid government and the oppression and land dispossession of blacks? Did you know they haven’t said sorry for all those atrocities against blacks? Did you know they haven’t returned the land they stole from blacks? Did you know they have not paid reparations for the thousands of blacks who died in the mines making them wealthy?”

Apart from this, the Rupert family is heavily involved in the wine making industry – an industry notorious for exploiting its workers, who are mainly black. The famous and expensive wine “Rupert and Rothschild” is owned by the Ruperts and the evil, imperialist banking family, the Rothschilds.

In the award ceremony the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, was given the Business Leader of the Year Award. It must be pointed out that the recipient of this award is decided by the CEO’s of the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies from the previous year. In his acceptance speech Gordhan deceptively said that he doesn’t know why the people in the room are called capitalists.

This makes it clear that the collusion between Gordhan, big business, the media and certain members of government is in full swing to take over the country again.

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