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Anti-Zuma coup plan flops!

By BO Staff Writer

The united front for regime change was soundly defeated yesterday in parliament.

The motion of no confidence, brought by the Democratic Alliance (DA) was allegedly supported by some key ANC leaders like Jackson Mthembu, Gwede Mantashe and Pravin Gordhan. The coup plotters, supported by white capitalists like Johann Rupert and opposition parties controlled from London such as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), had miscalculated the move badly. Once their plot was discovered, their agents inside the ANC had to beat a hasty retreat. When they couldn’t secure a secret ballot, their plan was in the water.

Names of the MPs who did not vote during the No Confidence vote yesterday.

Sources say that atleast 100 ANC MPs had given their support to the plot to remove President Zuma illegally but they developed cold feet once their plot was exposed. However, many of the ANC plotters did not vote against the motion of no confidence. This accounts for why the motion was rejected by 214 votes when the ANC has 249 MPs.

The anti-imperialist and patriotic MPs are said to be livid at their colleagues who chose to stay away from the vote.

The plan of the plot was to first deal with the hurdle of the secret ballot. Sources say that Jackson Mthembu had agreed with the Chief Whips of the plotters to support a secret ballot. That was part one of the plot. The second part was that a sizeable number of ANC MPs from the 100 Judases would vote with the opposition; those who were less brave would abstain; and the real cowards would abscond from the National Assembly completely.

Once the plot was revealed the plotters began to retreat – starting with Mthembu, followed by Julius Malema who went on Twitter to indicate abandoning the mission. By early afternoon yesterday, only the so called “ANC veterans” were prepared to associate themselves with the coup plot. All others had scattered.

Sources say that Johann Rupert is not pleased by the events that unfolded in parliament last night.

It is said that the coup plotters are manufacturing another story about the Guptas after their failed expedition. A big story is in the pipeline. Will it work or will it flop like a wet dirty old rack again?

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