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Letter to President Zuma from BLF

Dear President Zuma

We write this letter with a clear understanding that your presidency is under attack from white settler monopoly capital. This attack is led by the two most powerful families in South Africa – the Oppenheimers using Sipho Pityana as their bulldog and the Rupert family which is more honest in mobilising regime change led by Johann Rupert. We are aware that imperialism wants your presidency destroyed and a puppet like Cyril Ramaphosa appointed. Ramaphosa is the darling of white capital because he has already demonstrated, with the Marikana massacre, how he will deal with black people.

We know the main reasons why white capital and imperialism want to remove you from office. We also know that the opposition parties, all controlled by London through the trusted representative of British imperialism Lord Robin Renwick, have been instructed to undertake a Brazil-like regime change agenda in this country. It is this knowledge that has persuaded us to take an anti-imperialist active stance that says “Hands Off Zuma – Economic Liberation Now”.

Why is your presidency not wanted? These are the four reasons which we hope you are aware of:

1. Your appointment of Minister Des van Rooyen last December as Minister of Finance without first seeking the approval of the two most powerful families who run and own most of the economy. President Zuma, don’t you know that your predecessors all went to the Oppenheimers and the Ruperts to seek approval of who should be Minister of Finance? You shocked them with your actions. They want you out.

2. Your pro-BRICS stance had enraged the global forces of imperialism. They are worried that a BRICS Development Bank is going to undermine their hold on our economy through their instruments of modern slavery, the IMF and World Bank. They have already removed the President of Brazil – you are next.

3. The appointment of patriotic and competent black managers like Brian Molefe, Dudu Myeni and Hlaudi Motsoeneng has put white capital under stress. They want their yes men to continue to loot Treasury and the State Owned Entities (SOEs). You are seen as the stumbling block. Surely you know why white capital demanded that Pravin Gordhan be appointed Minister of Finance. If not, we would gladly provide you with the reasons. To this end we would further provide you with the evidence of how they did everything to get van Rooyen out so as to have their man in.

4. The last main reason is the decision to leave the ICC under your leadership. They can’t believe that you have unshackled South Africa from the kangaroo court of imperialism.

These reasons above are why there is a call for “Zuma to go”. They want to impose once more, complete control over the state by white capital. We shall be honest with you. We are worried about who is going to take over from you in 2019. Will it be a puppet or someone who will stand up against imperialism and settler white capital?

Now lets outline the immediate reasons for this letter. Mr President, our campuses are reduced to police barracks. The universities are enclaves of security guards and police. Many student leaders are either suspended, in prison, out on bail or running from the police. This is not what we want in our country. The students are not criminals. Their demands for free education are legitimate.

We are aware that the regime change agents inside the ruling party are actively working to turn the students’ legitimate anger into a weapon of imperialism and regime change for white monopoly capital. It’s the revolutionary consciousness of the students which have up to now helped in resisting the seduction of imperialism and Johann Rupert. It is not a mystery at all as to why Pravin Gordhan refuses to find the money for free education, as you have instructed. He wants the students to turn against you.

President Zuma, now is the time to act. No more commissions and task teams. We ask you to declare free education now. Don’t listen to Dr Blade Nzimande and his talk about NSFAS – its all lies. Don’t listen to his rhetoric about free education subsidizing the rich. The poor are without means and many black students suffer. Free education will help the poor more than the rich.

The question asked is where must the money for free education come from? It’s easy, Mr President. Tax the rich! Here we are talking about the the top 100 JSE companies. Call them into a meeting and tell them to give back!

There are many additional and creative ideas that students have to fund free education – if only you could hear them out. But we don’t just want talk, we want action. Let 2016 be the last year where students have to go on protest for free education.

President, free education is possible. Declare it and expose the regime change agents who want to turn students against you. Do it also because its the right thing to do. Declare free education and history shall smile upon you. It’s up to you. Take a stand and lead, Comrade President.

Yours in struggle,

Andile Mngxitama
Black First Land First National Convener
13 November 2016

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