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Media silence on DA’s defeat in ConCourt to halt SA’s withdrawal from ICC

By BO Staff Writer

On Monday 14 November 2016 the Constitutional Court dismissed the application by the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC) which was grounded on exclusive jurisdiction on the basis that no jurisdictional fact had been established. It further dismissed the alternative relief sought by the Democratic Alliance (DA) for direct access on the ground that it does not, at this stage, serve the best interests of justice. The DA, via its direct access application, sought to challenge the Cabinet’s policy decision to withdraw from the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) contending that the issue was for the decision of the National Assembly.

The defeat suffered by the DA when the Constitutional Court threw out its application to effectively stop SA’s withdrawal from the ICC – was the big story left out by the white owned media this week. Quite clearly the Court’s ruling against the DA suggests that even if it (DA) exhausts all other forums before coming back to the ConCourt, the object of the exercise would be defeated as any relief obtained in its favour will be of a purely academic nature.

SA white owned media continues to stand on the side of white capital to promote, amongst other anti-black things, the imperialist regime change agenda. Earlier this year we witnessed this bias in the battle between the Guptas and white capital regarding the Guptas inroads into the mining industry. The prior myth of the objectivity of the media has been exploded by the media coverage relating to the Gupta’s acquisition (albeit the supply of just 5% of Eskom’s coal needs). To this end Black Opinion has reported on this elsewhere. We have accordingly witnessed how the media in general has become the pressure group for white capital in its mission to facilitate the regime change agenda and the reversal of black gains in the SA economy.

Cabinet’s decision to withdraw South Africa (SA) from the ICC – which follows in the footsteps of many other African states making the same move and after not abiding by the ICC order to arrest Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir – has been welcomed by all progressive forces as a crucial step towards loosening the stranglehold of Western imperialism. Through its function as a tool of imperialism the ICC has indicted about 36 individuals. To this end Dr Motsoko Pheko points out that “those in the public eye have been Laurent Gbagbo, former President of Ivory Coast, Maummar Gaddafi, President Uhuru Kenyatta, his Deputy William Ruto and President Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan. In this regard Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Egypt amongst other countries that President Al-Bashir had visited since 2009, had ignored the order of the ICC to arrest the Sudanese President for crimes he allegedly committed in Darfur.

The silence of the media on the defeat of the DA can be attributed to one thing only – it certainly does not feed into the main narrative that links South Africa’s troubles to the Guptas and President Zuma which in turn was hatched in London by those who control the SA economy from there. It is of paramount importance to the DA, being the party of white monopoly capital pushing the regime change agenda of Western imperialism, that SA remains a party to the ICC. To this end the DA evidently intends to employ the ICC to further the regime change agenda of facilitating the removal of President Zuma and replacing him with a puppet of Western imperialism like Cyril Ramaphosa.

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