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BLF Student Movement in UKZN practices “peace amongst blacks”

By BO Staff Writer

As the SRC election hots up in the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN), there has been provocation against the Black First Land First Student Movement (BLF-SM) on campus. Both the EFF Student Command and ANC-aligned SASCO are in a panic mode and have resorted to tearing down BLF-SM posters, taking pamphlets and throwing them away and even tearing up BLF-SM T-shirts. 

Electoral processes are designed to keep blacks at war with each other as they fight for positions instead of serving the people. BLF-SM is going to change this dynamic and bring peace and unity amongst blacks.

BLF-SM has responded to these extreme provocations with the application of the principle, “peace amongst blacks”. BLF-SM has refused to reciprocate with violence against the violence and provocation of these organizations – this is what black consciousness teaches us. Blacks are made to hate each other and consequently easily fight each other instead of fighting against the settlers who stole our land and continue to plunder our resources.

Africa today is at war with itself because it lacks black consciousness and doesn’t practise the principle of “peace amongst blacks”. This principle is very difficult to practice but its the only way blacks can unite in the long run and defeat the settlers who stole our land. 

At UKZN, BLF-SM has promised to adhere to the principles of the Sankara Oath and to black consciousness and Pan Afrikanism. For this stance BLF- SM must be commended. Teach blacks that black first means black love! 

Students at UKZN want a new leadership style that will assist to unite blacks and to decolonize society and the universities. BLF-SM is the answer! It is not playing the populist but anti black politics of self hatred.

Vote BLF-SM! 

Make “peace amongst blacks” real. BLACK LOVE!

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