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Why Trevor Manuel is Defending Johann Rupert

By Andile Mngxitama

The former Minister of Finance Trevor Manuel has come out guns blazing against Black First Land First (BLF) for opening a criminal case against Johann Rupert. Manuel said the BLF case is “irrational” and even went further to say there is nothing of “substance” from the black consciousness organization. What angered Manuel is that BLF has opened a case of corruption, fraud, money laundering and insider trading against Johann Rupert and sixteen others. The case relates to the R26 Billion stolen from the South African Reserve Bank between 1985 and 1995.

The first suspect on the matter is Johann Rupert, one of the richest men in South Africa. He is also called the “Stellenbosch Mafia”. Also on the list of suspects are Trevor Manuel, Tito Mboweni and Thabo Mbeki. These three are included because they were informed about the R26 billion and did nothing about it. South African law clearly compels senior members of government to report corruption and other unlawful acts. Their failure to act has been attributed to their protection of Johann Rupert in particular. BLF has said it hopes that the three would finally come out with the truth and turn state witnesses so that the thieves who benefited from stealing from SARB can be dealt with.

So what angers Trevor Manuel so much? If the case was “irrational” why is he not calling for it to be disposed of quickly and sue for defamation? Why is he not welcoming the case so that his name can be cleared? A careful consideration of the relationship between Trevor Manuel and white capital shows why he so angry. He is not angry about the fact that he is on the list of suspects. He is reacting to defend Johann Rupert. The Oppenheimers have Sipho Pityana who acts as their chief protector through his Save South Africa campaign. The Rupert family has Trevor Manuel as its chief protector. There are others as well including those in the opposition parties. Rupert has recently threatened to expose the leader of EFF saying that he gets funding from him. Rupert tried to downplay his revelations as a joke but many have seen through him.

Why is Trevor Manuel protecting Johann Rupert? The first place to look at is his employment. Manuel is currently the Deputy Chairman of the Rothschild Bank. This bank is considered one of the most powerful in the world. In fact, its power has been equated to a dark force that controls the world. The stories told about the bank are downright scary. Manuel was thanked with this job for handing over the South African economy to whites through the GEAR policy that he, Mbeki and Mboweni promoted. The link is that Rothschild and the Ruperts are big partners. Things get sickeningly evil. There is even a wine range that celebrates this partnership of money and vice called “Rupert and Rothschild”. How bold! They are not ashamed to tell their wine buyers that, “The Rupert & Rothschild partnership was formed in 1997 by the late Dr. Anton Rupert of South Africa and the late Baron Edmond de Rothschild of France”. That Rupert is in bed with the Rothschilds should churn your stomach. But, it gets even more sick.

Rupert & Rothschild Wines are made of grapes farmed on stolen land. But these land thieves are nonchalant about it; note their fascist celebration of land theft and colonialism. Their official webpage waxes lyrically, “(a)t the foot of the spectacular Simonsberg mountain in the Franschhoek Valley lies the historic French Huguenot farm Fredericksburg, established in 1690 and now home to Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons. It was in this valley over 300 years ago that the early French Huguenots first discovered a terroir similar to that of certain winegrowing regions in France. Hence their decision to settle and cultivate vineyards here”.

We ask you to think about the Khoi and the San, the genocide and blood that flowed, the next time you have a Rupert and Rothschild wine in your hands.

Just over 350 years later Trevor Manuel, who possibly finds lineage in the Khoi and San who were genocided for their land so that Rupert and Rothschild can make wines today, is Deputy Chairman at Rothschild bank. There is progeny that grows to avenge the injustices against its forbearers, and then, there is progeny that joins the usurpers to erase the pain of the past through dining with the enemy on the conquered lands of their own people. There is a further little important detail in this sordid saga; Manuel’s wedding to the ABSA Chief Executive Officer, Maria Ramos, was held at one of the farms owned by Johann Rupert. Trevor is with both the Ruperts and the Rothschilds. Selling out cannot scale higher than the heights that Trevor has managed.

Think about it, imagine if it was Minister Mosebenzi Zwane having his wedding function at Saxonworld at the home of the Guptas? It would be called state capture. But Manuel has been praised for holding his wedding at the charming Rupert farm. The white owned media didn’t even mention that the farm is on stolen land. The tale gets even better. Maria Ramos, the wife of Manuel is head of ABSA which itself is accused of benefiting R3.2 billion of the stolen R26 billion! So, Manuel is not only defending his old buddy and connection at Rothschild, Johann Rupert, he is also concerned about family since his wife would be called to account for the stolen money.

A more honest man would have refused to comment on a matter which implicates him so closely. But Trevor Manuel has to do his job, he has to defend Johann Rupert and ABSA; and he chosen to do so by belittling BLF. It looks like we have here a case of Goliath (Rupert and 16 others) and David (BLF), let’s see how this encounter pans out.

The BLF case stands on the strength of two credible investigations that pointed out that R26 billion was unlawfully taken from the South African Reserve Bank. The first main investigation was by the respected Judge Heath; and his findings were further corroborated and amplified by the CIEX investigation.
The BLF case has been escalated from the Hillbrow Police Station to Johannesburg Central. In all likelihood, the case shall soon be with the HAWKS. Remember this case number; “464/11/2016”, it may just be the little rock that shall bring Goliath down!

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