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Steve Motale supporters march to The Citizen

By BO Staff Writer

Today, the Forum of Journalists for Transformation (FJT) lead a march to the offices of The Citizen newspaper to demand the immediate reinstatement of suspended Black editor, Steve Motale. FTJ, along with the Black First Land First movement (BLF), Transform RSA, Communications Workers Union (CWU), Cosas, Patriotic Alliance (PA), and others peacefully marched to The Citizen offices where The Citizen publisher, Eureka Zandberg met them (after she refused to come out), flanked by two beefy white bodyguards.


A brief scuffle broke out after Zandberg’s bodyguards started acting out their white arrogance by disrespecting the protesters and a CWU leader who was reading out the Memorandum of demands. Zandberg was swiftly removed from the march by her bodyguards and the memorandum was signed inside the premises by a small delegation from the protestors.

Motale has been editor of the newspaper since 2013 and since then, has pushed for a more diverse narrative in the newsroom.

With the #StateCapture furore and the mainstream media’s unrelenting scrutiny on only President Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family, Motale widened the scope of the narrow #StateCapture narrative to include corruption and capture by white monopoly capital which is aided by their lackey’s in the treasury like Pravin Gordhan and former Finance Minister, Trevor Manual.

The thing that blew the lid of the pots of the Caxton publishers was Motale, and journalist Vicky Abrahams, writing about Manuel’s role in squandering R100 million in tenders without following due process. In the story against Manuel, The Citizen journalist, Abrahams outlines how “the R100 billion contract was awarded to Barone, Budge & Dominick (BB&D), allegedly without going out to open tender.”

BB&D is a white owned software development company.

Caxton publishers is one of the largest newspaper and magazine publishing companies in the country. The company has an all white executive, namely TD Moolman as CEO, TJW Holden as Managing Director and PG Greyling as the Deputy Managing Director. In the newsroom the story is no different, the editorial team is as white as snow. It is no wonder then, that they want the paper to push a pro-White capital agenda.



The so-called ‘Free Speech’ warriors, the Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI) (headed by Caxton Professor and eNCA editor-in-chief Anton Harber), Right2Know campaign and the South African National Editors Forum (SANEF) have allowed white owners of the mainstream media to lynch progressive black journalists and editors.

Today, the true defenders of media freedom came out.

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