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BLF calls on ANC to give workers minimum wage of R12 500

Media Statement

Black First Land First (BLF) maintains its call in the Black Agenda for a living wage of  R12 500. This is the demand that the Marikana workers died for in a bloody massacre instructed by white capital via the agency of Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa. It must be remembered that Ramaphosa, who has already demonstrated his anti-black worker interests, is handpicked by Western imperialism to replace President Jacob Zuma so as to further its own interests including that of white settler monopoly capital.

Ramaphosa has political and business interests in Lonmin and white capital in general. He is consequently compromised, by his business links with white capital, to decide a minimum wage or for that matter to be the next President of South Africa. He is the imperialist guise of the “Zuma must go” campaign to destabilize the BRICS process in the context of a new global war being conducted to consolidate white imperialist power. 

Western imperialism has targeted the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) – whose agenda poses a serious threat to Western dominance over the world – to effect regime change in each of those countries. It has recently succeeded in Brazil when it facilitated the removal of the democratically elected President Dilma Rousseff and replaced her with its puppet. The same agenda is being pushed in SA. 

In pursuance of building and consolidating imperialist interests in SA via the further enslavement of blacks, Ramaphosa is pushing for a living wage of R3500. He is pushing for something that he himself, like the rest of the politicians supporting him, cannot live on. He is hellbent on setting and perpetuating a starvation wage. We note also that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is calling for a minimum wage of R4500 and the ANCYL is calling for R5000 in this respect – can Julius Malema and ANCYL leadership live on this?

BLF rejects all these proposals. The aspiring puppet leader Ramaphosa won’t give us a living wage. President Zuma must do the right thing here – he must honor the Marikana workers.

In this context BLF reiterates its call to action: “Hands off Zuma, no to regime change, yes to economic liberation”.  

BLF says that towards economic liberation the following needs to be done on work and minimum wage:

– Increase the minimum wage to R12500.00 per month after deductions and without exemptions. An annual increase in the minimum wage to be linked to average earnings;

– All workers to have trade union rates of pay, employment protection, sickness and holiday rights from the first day of employment; and

– Enforcement of equal pay between the genders. 

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee, Black First Land First

28 November 2016

Contact details 

Black First Land First Email:[email protected]
Facebook: Black First Land First | Twitter: @black1stland1st
Website: www.blf.org.za

Thandiswa Yaphi
(Deputy National Coordinator)
Cell: +27 63 107 3163
Mail: [email protected]

Zanele Lwana
(National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 79 486 9087
Mail: [email protected]

Lindsay Maasdorp
(National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 79 915 2957
Mail: [email protected]­om

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